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Sunday Reads: Death to Sit-Ups, Colonels on Col. Sanders and A Very Extensive Name Game

I have some good news and some bad news: The good news is that you now have a solid excuse to never do a crunch or a sit-up again; the bad news is that you should probably be doing planks instead. Ian Lecklitner spoke to personal trainer Jonathan Jordan to rank exercises from most useful to most dangerous. Planks are pretty high up there on the “effective and safe” scale, but sit-ups and the like are basically destroying your spine. 

Personally, I’m gonna remain on my couch — you know, just to be safe. 

Must Read

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Quote of the Week

In case you haven’t heard, Tempe, Arizona, is under siege by a graffiti artist (or maybe, artists?) going by the legendary tag, “PENIS MAN.” No disrespect to Banksy, the infamous-yet-anonymous street artist who captured global attention for decades with his satirical stencil work, but we think Penis Man’s blunt message is the elegant understatement 2020 needs.

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