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Male Kegel Influencers Won’t Rest Until You’ve Clenched Your Way to Better Sex


After a devastating car accident left him partially paralyzed and “very weak” on his left side, Jack spent most of his 20s living an extremely sedentary lifestyle. He gained weight, his diet was terrible, and worst of all, he says, his “lifestyle weakened my orgasm to the point where sex was actually work because the payoff was so nonexistent.”

In 2017, the death of a friend with a healthier lifestyle forced Jack to take a hard look at his own choices. After just a month of eating better and exercising, Jack tells MEL, he noticed a “slight improvement” in his orgasms.

And then, he discovered kegel exercises for men — basically, clenching your PC muscles in the groin area in extended sessions a few times a day. The idea is to achieve total control of your pelvic floor, granting you superhuman sex powers like enhanced boner flexing, orgasm control and even multiple orgasms.

Or simply to make climax feel good at all. “After three months of consistent kegel exercises,” Jack says, “the intensity of my orgasms became nearly comparable to pre-accident levels, and much better than even in my 20s.”

Though Jack didn’t want his Reddit username tied to his interview, he is one of the many kegel evangelists who dip into subreddits like r/Sex and r/AskMen to spread the good word about pelvic floor exercises. These kegel influencers even go so far as to market an app that simply reminds you when it’s clenching time.

Want a stronger erection that can do wild stuff inside her? Do your kegels:

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Want to prevent that last dribble of pee from dropping on your pants? Do your kegels:

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Want to last longer in bed? Kegels, baby.

For those that do kegel exercises, what your exercise routine look like? from AskMen

Kegel exercises strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, which control your bladder, bowels and sexual function. To find this group of muscles, simply pretend to stop your pee mid-stream. Feel it? That clench is the exercise. You’re doing it right now!

Now clench over and over, for longer periods of time, several times a day, and eventually you might be finding NEMO — a nonejaculatory multiple orgasm, explains New York sex educator Paul Nelson.

While I consider myself sort of in shape, I admittedly don’t pay any attention to kegels. And since this apparently means I’m leaving a lot on the table as far as blasting military-grade orgasms from a titanium-flagpole erection, I reckon it’d be better to hear the kegel gospel from the experts themselves.

Redditor VoyeurOfBliss, 35

Any weightlifter knows the feeling of moving something without much effort after training a muscle for a while. A strong penis is no different.

I recommend doing kegel exercises to any guy or gal who is interested in talking about it. Every man should have strong kegel muscles for health reasons and to get the fullest amount of enjoyment for themselves and their partner. Which is why I’ve written several Reddit articles and made several videos about kegels over the last few years.

It’s a personal trait that needs to be learned and can offer many years of sexual interest and personal advancement.

Some kegel activity every day for 10 to 20 minutes will keep your results consistent. A simple way to practice while masturbating is to not stroke with the hand, but thrust with the hips and flex the kegel. Occasional long solo edging sessions once a week will tire my muscles out, for a nice ache that isn’t too different from the nice burn after a normal gym visit.

Strong, reactive kegel muscles lead to a stiff, long-lasting erection. Because of the healthy blood flow, my cock is normally quite hard, and if it’s not, I can instantly achieve that rock-hard state. I can stay flexed for a long time during thrusting, letting me keep my mind on other things, instead of having to worry about the quality of my erection.

While clenching my kegels, it can easily be more firm than any flexible dildo, a thick handle that gives my partners excitement when grabbed, one that reacts and moves. Contracting kegel muscles can also pinpoint pleasure zones in just the right spot, and can actually move my cock without thrusting. The powerful throbbing during climax is a strong experience for both of us. She has no doubt about how my equipment is reacting to her engagement. The movement provided by contractions during climax can be enough to extend the pleasure time for both of our climaxes.

By preventing the contractions during orgasm as the semen starts to flow, the refractory period can be reduced or eliminated, leading to multiple orgasms. For example, when I feel an orgasm starting, I relax and slowly end stimulation and thrusting as I focus on relaxing.

Five orgasms in a row are achievable. Usually I run out of semen near the end and it is just dry contractions for the final orgasm. Most commonly I’ll attempt this process only once or twice, as it can be very tiring on my prostate to have orgasms so close together.

There is actually one noteworthy drawback of strong kegel muscles, which is that like any muscle, they can get sore, cramp, or cause injury to the organs these muscles surround. A cramp during orgasm could leave you with a bad memory instead of a good one.

Jack, 48

With stronger kegel muscles, I finally enjoy and look forward to sex again. I have much stronger orgasms and a stronger erection. I no longer take Cialis, which was basically a crutch for me because of my lack of interest in sex. I also have a much shorter refractory time. Just last weekend I had two orgasms in the space of about an hour, which would have been impossible a couple of years ago.

This has lead me to be way more engaged with my spouse, since my increased libido has increased our intimacy and communication.

To be even more honest, the past few months we have pursued an interest in the swinging lifestyle, which I never would have done prior to kegels and weight loss.

I use an app that reminds me [to clench] on a time interval that I choose and provides squeeze-and-release intervals for a short duration where seconds are counted down with an audible ping. It varies the time between squeeze and release and the length of the duration. I have mine set to remind me every two hours between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m.

Kegels can be done anytime, and so long as you’re consistent, you can get to my level too. Do them at stoplights if nothing else. Also, do them from different positions: standing, sitting leaning back or forward, lying down, etc. The muscle responds differently in different positions, so this will help identify its strongest contraction. Orgasming from that position will increase your orgasm intensity.

All that said, I cannot say that kegels alone led to my success in achieving a much more glorious orgasm. Even though I still eat much better, I am not working out nearly as often because my body is in equilibrium and I like it where it is. I lost about 40 pounds and I’m sure that helps. I still do kegels every day, though, and my orgasm intensity is still getting stronger by small amounts.

Paul, 47

I started because I had a submissive with terrible pussy-grip strength and I wanted to understand what a training regime would be like before imposing it on her.

I started with a timer: three [seconds] on, three rest, 20 times. It takes two minutes and you will be surprisingly sore if you haven’t done them. Believe me, that goes away and this becomes easy after a few weeks of doing this two to three times a day. Try it. It’s good for you.

Ever since working my kegels, I come harder and longer and further, and I have a lot more conscious control over my orgasm.

Today my routine has changed, and I do them much faster. Red lights, elevators, at the grocery store, at the DMV: If I am waiting, I am clenching. I don’t think anybody can notice me. Try it yourself: You have basically perfect stealth.

I also make sure to preach kegel strength to my BDSM submissives. We explore our mutual kink of power exchange. For them, the benefit in urinary continence and the sexual experiences they can give their lovers by holding on tight and pulsing with your rhythm are also excellent and very worthwhile.

If you are strong and have endurance with your pelvic floor muscles, they will spasm harder and longer, which leads to harder, longer orgasms. And if you enjoy the idea of shooting your cum into her hair when having sex doggy-style, this is totally a routine distance for me now.

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