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The Faithful Christians of OnlyFans

Some say they’re sinning. They say God loves them just the same

The phrase “Christian OnlyFans model” probably sounds like an oxymoron, but there are Christians at every point of the political, social and economic spectrum. In fact, according to the Pew Research Center, 65 percent of Americans identify as Christian in some form or another, a figure that accounts for more than 200 million people. 

Naturally then, there’s some variety among that crowd when it comes to sex, and more controversially, selling it. But while there are countless Christians morally opposed to OnlyFans and the adult content industry writ large, there are a few who openly make such content themselves. 

Case in point: Below are a handful of OnlyFans performers who aren’t shy about their faith. Some have made headlines for their religious beliefs; others simply aren’t afraid to talk about it on social media. For these creators, their relationship with Christianity and God is one of love, acceptance and forgiveness — and, of course, it’s a great way to stand out in the OnlyFans crowd.

Lindsay Capuano

A 22-year-old blonde PAWG with over 3.3 million followers on Instagram, Capuano pulls in roughly 200k per month on OnlyFans (where she posts rather infrequent ass-centric content). She has detailed her status as a Christian in numerous news stories. As she’s told the Daily Mail, she prays every night, has the support of her devout family and doesn’t believe that God judges her for her work. “God will love you no matter what — that’s what I was taught in my household, school and church,” she explained. 

Nita Marie

According to Marie, a 45-year-old MILF, Jesus wouldn’t have just forgiven her for the “sin” of doing sex work — he would have openly loved sex workers, too. While such a sentiment is popularly held by leftist Christians, it’s also something that’s riled up several tabloid sites and conservatives. “She is delusional! Think that might be Satan talking to her,” one hater told the Daily Star

Marie, who has nearly 80,000 subscribers on OnlyFans (she has a massive catalogue of content available, with over 5,000 photos and 223 movies), has also publicly stated that she feels that God encourages her to pose naked and to further aid other sex workers in having a relationship with Christianity. “I believe that God wants women to look and feel great and to enjoy their sexuality,” she told the Daily Star. “By empowering myself to feel sexy in my own skin, I allow others to do the same.” 

In the same interview, she also stated that she invites God into her sexual encounters with her husband, thus making it into a threesome. 

Mistress Boni

Mistress Boni hasn’t gone viral for her identity as both a sex worker and a Christian in the way that Capuano and Marie have, but the way she combines both is just as fascinating. Mistress Boni is a Black BBW findom who specializes in controlling minds, bodies and wallets. Per her Twitter bio, she is a “sadistic financial seductress.” (She’s active on OnlyFans, AVNStars and FetLife where she specializes in being worshipped and humiliating submissives.)

Meanwhile, last Easter, she tweeted, “Happy Easter findomland or Happy Resurrection Sunday for my fellow Christians. I just sat through a great online service and man, do I feel good! I hope you all have a great Easter. As for me? I’ll be in the kitchen, whipping.”

Ginger Banks

A porn star and cam model, Banks doesn’t identify as Christian, but she has stated that she’s a follower of Jesus. Just last week she tweeted, “I like your Christ but I do not like your Christians. Is there a word for the people that actually follow the teachings of Jesus Christ? Because ‘Christians’ ain’t it anymore. Sorry. Jesus = Love. That doesn’t mean abuse and control. Ever.”

In addition to running an OnlyFans (like Marie, she’s got tons of content already available on her page; she’s also filmed with several other famous performers like Johnny Sins, Isiah Maxwell and Chanel Santini), Banks also labels herself as a sex work advocate. “My intention is to make the world a healthier place through the destigmatization of sex and sex work,” her Twitter bio reads.

Nikole Mitchell

Mitchell no longer aligns herself with the faith after leaving the Christian church in 2017, but she’s made waves as a former pastor who now pursues stripping and OnlyFans. As Mitchell told the New York Post last year, she grew up in a strict conservative Baptist family and was taught to feel shame toward her sexuality. In adulthood, she found a more progressive church that embraced gender equality, and Mitchell soon became a pastor for the Woodland Hills megachurch in Minnesota. 

Around this time, though the mother of three began to realize she was pansexual and left the church entirely. Now, she embraces her sexuality on OnlyFans (she specializes in high-quality lingerie shoots) and offers coaching to other women looking to rid themselves of a stigmatizing attitude toward sex.

While there isn’t necessarily a Christian label to it, she’s expressed that she treats the job with a divine nature just the same. “My sexuality is incredibly healing and sacred,” she continued in the same New York Post interview. “And when I give this gift to people, it blesses them.”