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The Real-Life BFFs Behind OnlyFans’ ‘Best Friend’ Porn

They give a whole new meaning to ‘friends with benefits’

Ever since its inception, so-called “lesbian” porn has catered to a very specific male fantasy. In one of its most basic forms, two female best friends are so horny that they fuck each other, a smoldering vision of what happens when women’s sexuality can no longer be “contained.” The idea of “best friends” fucking is popular in gay male porn too, often centering around the forbidden fantasy of two people doin’ it after years of pent-up platonic tension.  

But at least in girl-on-girl porn, there always seems to be a third party present: You. Far more than its hetero or gay male counterparts, lesbian BFF porn always seems to imply that if you — the male viewer — were there, you’d be able to join in as well. 

This theme has always been present in studio porn, but it’s been transferred onto the web through tube sites and NSFW forums. On Reddit, r/JustFriendsHavingFun and r/FunWithFriends are two highly popular pages, each with over 400,000 subscribers. Both, as their names suggest, feature women who are “friends” having sex with each other. It only makes sense then that as OnlyFans and independent creators begin to dominate the adult industry, the “BBFs who fuck” trope would also have a significant place there. 

On OnlyFans, there are several pages run by pairs of women who document their sexual escapades as best friends who get it on. “We are best friends who love to fuck, so why not please and fuck each other and film it for you?” reads the bio for @bestfreakyfriends, a pair of porn-making BFFs. The nameless slim-thick blonde duo post photos religiously, often several times a day and almost always in lingerie. “We get into so much trouble together ?,” a caption of the two wearing thong bodysuits on a beach reads. Though the two rarely post explicit content to their main feed, they have more than 170,000 page likes — not bad for what appears to be a girl’s night photo shoot. 

Another account, @mybisexualbestfriend, utilizes a similar dynamic, though the duo post far more explicit content to their feed. The pair features Samara, a tan and tattooed brunette, and Myer, a pale, busty redhead. Despite looking nothing alike, the two often identify themselves as sisters. “Would you let your little sis touch you like this?” asks the caption of a photo of Samara’s hand over Myer’s genitals. Adding yet another fetish to the mix, Samara and Myer also label themselves as “barely legal” in their OnlyFans banner name and claim to have the “most interactive page” on the platform. 

Samara and Myer actually began as co-workers at a strip club. They quickly became friends, but when the pandemic left them jobless, they moved in together with Samara’s family. While they were there, Samara helped Myer build up an OnlyFans account using their knowledge from the club and Myer’s background in marketing. Soon, however, Myer had the idea of creating an account for both of them. It took some convincing, but eventually, Samara agreed. 

They came up with the “best friends” theme together because it’s simply what they are — they live together and “get naughty” on the regular, so they figured they might as well make that their niche. “Usually after a few drinks, Sam and I get a little playful with each other and tend to shoot most of our content then,” says Myer. “It definitely spiced up our friendship, that’s for sure! It’s brought us a lot closer since starting out.”

It’s possible that a few of their fans know their real dynamic and backstory, but for most viewers watching “BFF” OnlyFans performers like Samara and Myer, the true nature of their relationship is unclear. Are they sisters? Lovers? Both? This is likely intentional — the more nebulous the relationship, the more the viewer can imagine themselves assimilating into it. Case in point: Neither @mybisexualbestfriend nor @bestfreakyfriends post content featuring other people — instead, it’s almost always just the two of them, an exclusive duo going wild on camera just for you. 

What remains interesting about this specific type of “lesbian” porn is that it never completely identifies itself as queer, perhaps because that would muddy subscribers’ fantasy of being able to partake in the action. The self-labeling of the duos as being “bisexual” or “friends” allows male subscribers to imagine their opportunity to join them, something they foster by regularly including how badly they “want cock” in their captions or calling the viewer “daddy.” Often, the specific fantasy they seem to be selling is that of the male viewer dating the both of them at once. 

In a 2016 Atlantic article exploring straight men’s love of lesbian porn, author Olga Khazan spoke to neuroscientist and co-author of A Billion Wicked Thoughts: What the World’s Largest Experiment Reveals About Human Desire Ogi Ogas, a researcher who studies online erotic habits, about why this fantasy is so appealing. “To the extent that lesbian erotica is popular, it can be explained by the fact that men are most aroused by visual cues that emphasize youth and downplay drama and emotional complexity,” Khazan wrote. “Lesbian porn, therefore, works for straight men by ‘doubling up’ those visual stimuli. … The only thing better than one nubile, personality-free woman is two of them.”

Likewise, the only thing better for business is another employee. Simply from a logistical perspective, running an OnlyFans account with a friend or partner can be a smart move, and even accounts that only feature one person, like Mrs. Poindexter, are often actually helmed by a pair. With “BFF” performers, each benefits from having another person to take photos, develop ideas and respond to messages with. 

Most significantly, though, these “best friends” benefit from the line of logic Ogas references in The Atlantic: When an OnlyFans subscriber is looking to decide which accounts to subscribe to, this “two is better than one” mentality applies — after all, you’re literally getting access to two women’s content through one OnlyFans subscription. 

Or as Myer tells me, “We know what a guy wants to enjoy, and that’s having some one-on-one time with the both of us.”