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In Defense of ‘Pierre Delecto,’ The Size Queens of Spider YouTube and the TikTok Teens Twerking to Their Exes’ Voicemails

Sly Twitter troll Pierre Delecto — er, the United States Senator from the great state of Utah, Mitt Romney — had himself a morning, didn’t he? We’ve got to give Mitt some props for his decision to cosplay as man with a spine, but on the grand scale of alter egos, I’m not sure “Pierre Delecto” can really stand up to the greats like “Carlos Danger,” or  shit, even “Ron Mexico.”

Sure beats “John Barron” for ingenuity, however.

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“What Should We Make of Dan Savage’s Legacy?”
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Behind the Music

No one can quite define what “Butt Rock” is. But as Miles Klee writes, you know it when you hear it. At its most basic, Butt Rock is just “bad” rock, played by shitty alternative bands on “Nothing But Rock” radio stations. Leaving it at that, though, would be doing a disservice to the entire genre. Because there’s more to Butt Rock than that. Way more.

Stop Taking So Many Pictures

When we take cell-phone photos and videos at concerts, on vacation or with friends, we think we’re freeing up the storage space in our brains by storing the images on a separate device for later viewing. But that’s not really how it works.

Strike Survival

For union workers, opting to strike is no easy decision, because it means barely scraping by on meager union benefit checks while fighting for better wages and benefits — an outcome that’s far from certain. To survive then, they rely on the considerable help of others.

Not Quite a Noodle

If you love pasta – but you happen to be a vegan, or doing the keto thing — shirataki noodles can seem like an oasis in the spaghetti desert. But what’s actually in those slippery lil’ suckers?

Mmmm, konjac flour. What is konjac flour, and how does it so (im)perfectly mimic everyone’s favorite Italian food? Glad you asked.

Hey, Vince Carter: Do You Want to Play Forever?!?!

Vince Carter is a wonder: At 42 years old and the NBA’s elder statesman by a considerable amount, he’s still draining 3s like it’s 1998 (i.e., his first year in the league):

Which begs the question: How much longer can VC continue to play at a high level?

TikTok Does it Again

TikTok, y’all — get on it. In another sign that the Teens shall inherit the Earth, the latest and greatest trend on the burgeoning social video site is Gen Zers dancing to the unhinged voicemails of their rueful (and sometimes hateful) exes. It’s got a little bit of everything: Performance art, an unwillingness to be controlled or intimidated, and above all, a bit of humor.

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