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The Fourth of July Sucks, Pools Aren’t Baths and TikTok Is Where Your Parents Aren’t

I once thought that the pool I swam in every day was a bath. I was in it for five hours each summer day (except Saturdays) for sports, and let me tell ya, I don’t need a microbiologist to tell me that pools are, in fact, filthy. The fact that my long hair formed dreadlocks all by itself that summer could’ve told me chlorine is no substitute for soap. But that never stopped me — nor these other people — from treating the public pool like a big shower.

Y’all need Jesus. And a delousing.

Must Read

“For LGBTQ Teens, TikTok Is the New Tumblr”

For much of the 2000s, Tumblr was the place for LGBTQ teens to connect over a wide array of interests, from advice on coming out to One Direction fanfiction. But recently, thanks to some questionable strategy decisions, Tumblr has faded from prominence. In its place, TikTok, the short-form video app famous for launching newly out rapper Lil Nas X, has become a popular new space for LGBTQ teens. For some, the appeal of TikTok is how easy it is to go viral on it; for others, it’s the ease with which they can form connections around their sexualities and gender identities with little concern about being outed or harassed in real life. READ MORE

Rock Me, Amadeus

Everyone grows up to turn into their parents. Hey! There’s no shame in it. But it does mean that, far from the rock, rap or — God forbid — country music you’ve been listening up until now, at some point you’ll feel the urge to spend your quiet evenings jamming to some classical. But if you don’t know your arias from your Elgar, it’s an intimidating world to leap into. Thankfully, Chris Bourn has a primer on doing exactly that.

Let’s Not Go to the Lobby

News flash: Nothing at the movie-theater concessions stand is good for you. But still, now that the summer blockbuster season is upon us, getting Thor-level fat on buttered popcorn may soon be pretty difficult to avoid. So if you’ve gotta have something in your mouth to satisfy your oral fixation while you’re watching the latest Spider-Man flick, opt for these concessions first.

Speaking of Spider-Man…

In his review of Spider-Man: Far From Home, Tim Grierson breaks down what’s great about the latest MCU installment (like Tom Holland’s sweet, self-deprecating portrayal of Spidey, and the film’s melancholy atmosphere)and what isn’t great (like its entire reason for being). Check it out, here.

F**k the Fourth of July

Duh, the Fourth of July is (arguably) the single best holiday of the year. What this piece by Miles Klee presupposes is, maybe it isn’t? If you’re one of those sick people who hate the National Anthem, encased meats, baseball, the sun, drinking and fireworks, here’s a step-by-step plan for how you can go ahead and ruin the fun for the rest of us.

Hammerin’ Away

When it comes to sex, how did faster become better? Pounding away frantically — aka “jackrabbit sex” — is no way to pleasure your significant other. Madeleine Holden gets to the bottom of why some men thinking hammering away is the default standard for good sex, and what a sex therapist and women who’ve been on the receiving end of all that pounding think about it.

Swimming Pool ≠ Bath

Like Earth being flat or giraffes not existing, “the pool is a bath” has the perfect recipe of on-its-face logic and anecdotal evidence that leads to fights on social media.

But Dr. Dave Westenberg, an associate professor of biological sciences at Missouri University of Science and Technology — who goes by “The Germ Juggler,” natch — says the pool is not a bath. He cannot stress this enough: The pool is NOT a bath. Here’s why.