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How to Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously, You Big Creep

Becoming a ninja simp is easy if you know how to control your thumbs

Checking on an ex? Snooping on an estranged friend? Simping over someone who doesn’t need to know you’re a simp? Whatever your reasons are, you’re here to learn how to watch Instagram Stories anonymously (which, kinda creepy, but you do you), and I’m here to help.

Activate Airplane Mode

Because Instagram preloads Stories on the app’s home screen, you can dip into airplane mode and view a person’s Story without appearing in their viewer’s log (of course, you’ll have to be following the person for their Stories to show up on your home screen). If you reconnect to Instagram before the Story expires, however, you will show up, which means you’ll have to steer clear of the Gram for a full 24 hours if you want to preserve your anonymity. Plus, Instagram can only preload so many Stories at once, so if the person you’re spying on has loads of slides, you’ll only be able to see some of them.

Take a Swift Peek

Along those same lines, if you’re already following your target, start by viewing a Story right before or after theirs. Then, without lifting your thumb, slowly drag it toward the story you’d like to privately see. So long as you drag your thumb (again, without lifting it) back to the Story you started on, you’ll be able to see it without showing up in their viewer’s log. The drawback is that you won’t be able to watch videos — only stills.

Hide Behind a Finsta

If the methods so far feel too limiting, a fake account may be necessary for your voyeuristic endeavors. Just make sure to not follow your Finsta with your main account, and don’t post any identifying information. Also, maybe consider going with something less conspicuous than BonerJam69 — remember, you don’t want your username to attract any unnecessary attention that ends in you being blocked.

Go Third-Party

If you’re super desperate and nothing else is working, there are quite a few unofficial online tools, like StorySaver and Inflact, which let you view (and even download) public Instagram Stories without needing to log in at all. If the account is private, however, you’re out of luck.

Simp on Main

There’s such a thing as simping respectfully, and I believe you’re capable of it. Quit sneaking around. You’re a simp of honor. So long as you act like it, who cares if the world knows?