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How to Sneak Weed on a Plane

One does not simply travel without a generous supply of weed

There’s nothing more, like, totally radical than being high while flying high. But can you fly with marijuana? If so, how much weed can you fly with? And, uh, where’s this plane going, anyway? Gimme some of those peanuts, and I’ll take your questions one at a time.

First of all, we wrote about the legality of flying with weed a while back. Here’s what we found, broken down into simple chunks:

  • Because weed is federally illegal, and airspace is considered federal territory, flying with weed is technically illegal, no matter the state.
  • However, the TSA says they don’t really look for weed. They’ll still hand you over to local law enforcement if they happen to find some, though.
  • If you do get caught with weed in an airport, you’ll probably just have to throw it away, especially if you’re in a state where weed is legal.

But this doesn’t mean you’re invincible, and flying with weed can get you in big trouble, especially if you pack a whole suitcase of loud. The goal when it comes to packing your weed is to be less like El Chapo and more like a guy who wants to enjoy a little bit of weed — maybe a few nugs, at most — on his vacation. If you must travel with weed, just be smart about it.

Now for the important information — i.e., how to sneak weed on a plane. Let’s go through some dos and don’ts.

Do: Mix Edibles Into Your Snacks

“I usually get chocolate edibles,” says Anna LaMadrid, weed fan and lead actor in The Oxy Complex. “Buy a trail mix at the airport, and put them in there. Works every time.” You could also, for instance, toss a few weed gummies in a gummy bear bag. Get creative.

Don’t: Pack Other Dumb Shit

TSA may not be keeping a close eye out for weed, but they’re certainly looking for bombs, liquids and weapons, which could lead them to your weed. For example, if you pack your weed with a lighter, which isn’t allowed on planes unless it’s in a checked bag and empty of all fuel, Budtender Awards Mastermind Award winner Brandon Scott says, “Your bag will be flagged.” Point is, you don’t want to lose your weed because you forget a water bottle in your bag.

Do: Pack Your Weed in Your Carry-On

That’s because the TSA performs random searches on checked luggage, rather than only searching your carry-on if they spot something naughty, like the items mentioned just above.

Don’t: Stuff Your Stash in a Jar of Peanut Butter

This is one of those travel “hacks” that was almost certainly invented by a well-intentioned but not so mindful stoner. If the TSA X-ray guy spots a large mass in your hollowed-out peanut butter container, that’s a pretty big red flag. Generally, you’re better off hiding your weed in plain sight. Got some joints? Put them in a cigarette pack. Got some bud? Pop it in an Advil bottle with a few pills and cotton balls. Or as Scott suggests, just put your weed and toiletries together in a smell-proof bag, “especially if you got that loud.”

Do: Bring THC Vape Cartridges

But make sure you have less than 3.4 ounces, the amount of liquid allowed in your carry-on by the TSA, or else you’ll get checked. Also, make sure your vape itself isn’t so crazy-looking that the TSA mistakes it for a bomb.

Don’t: Smoke on the Plane

Crack open your “trail mix,” pop a couple chocolates and wait until you’re at your destination — and somewhere entirely safe — before lighting up. You worked so hard to get your stash through TSA. Don’t go messing it up now.