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Gun Cases Are the Supreme Stoner Accessory

The world would be a better place if all gun cases were used for bongs instead of deadly weapons, but you can still use them to store your weed in the meantime

To non-smokers, a bong is no more than an instrument of inhalation, made for the sole purpose of propelling psychoactive smoke into the lungs of ganja enthusiasts. To stoners, though, a bong is a friend, an inspiration, a big hug after a bad day, a pill for your problems, an actual work of art. And by god, a bong must be protected at all costs, even if that means storing it in a case made specifically for carrying enormously dangerous and powerful rifles.

Among cannabisseurs, Pelican cases — used by military personnel to transport heavy weaponry — are the chosen containers for their fragile but elegant stoner accessories. For an example of these sorts of cases (not necessarily Pelican brand, but similar), have a gander at the G.I. Joe: Retaliation scene where they find gun containers hidden in every drawer, cabinet and wall of a home:

Or check out the fancy gun case that god-tier celebrity Keanu Reeves digs up with a sledgehammer in John Wick so he can take revenge on the goddamn assholes who killed his dog:

When you see these gun containers in the movies, Pelican cases may seem like overkill for storing something as harmless as a bong, but stoners love them for good reason. “They’re the highest quality cases around, help with smell and can be a discreet way to travel with quality glass,” SparkUpDesigns tells me in a Reddit message. He mainly uses the Pelican 1060 Micro Case to haul his weed doodads while traveling or going on hikes, and he 3D prints organizational inserts to keep everything catalogued (although, for anyone without access to a 3D printer, Pelican cases already come with customizable foam to cushion your bong, pipe or other gadgets).

Travel Rolling Kit from StonerKits

In another Reddit message, Anonistoner420, moderator of r/StonerKits, waxes poetic about the smell-proof and waterproof capabilities of Pelican cases, which are built to be airtight, emphasizing how important it is for stoners to have a decent container that “keeps everything in place quite well.” That way, they can bring their weed essentials along with them wherever they go — even out onto a lake, because many Pelican cases can float — without forgetting anything in a smoky haze, which is more likely to happen whenever kush is involved.

Got inspired by this sub to finally build out my first kit! from StonerKits

So if you have a bong, pipe or any other weed accessories that keep you cruising through thick and thin, consider taking a lesson from John Wick and storing them somewhere safe — like a case made for a literal chain gun.

My pelican 1170 case is finally finished! Excited for future adventures with this bad boy! from trees