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Dave Navarro’s Tattoo Thievery, Crying Superheroes and Botox for Your Balls

I don’t think I’ll ever understand trying to improve the size and shape of one’s balls — and that goes double for using Botox in an effort to achieve that end.

First off, balls are ugly. No amount of cosmetic work is going to change that inalienable fact. Is one man’s taut, hairy bean bag any better or worse than another man’s droopy sack? Probably not.

Secondly, you really want some poor clinician messing around down there with a needle full of botulism? I imagine the exchange would probably go something like this:

Lastly, Botox isn’t exactly the price of a cup of coffee. That shit costs anywhere from $500 to $2,000 a session, and has to be repeated three times a year for best results. Wouldn’t you rather, I dunno, take a family vacation or something?

But hey, you do you, ball Botox guy.

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