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The Best Rabbit Vibrators for Dual Clit and G-Spot Pleasure

Why focus on just one erogenous zone when you could hit two at the same time? With these much-beloved rabbit-style vibes, you get double the pleasure for the price of one

Chocolate and peanut butter, music and dancing, Mulder and Scully — these are all examples of how two things can be good separately, but fantastic when you put ‘em together.

That principle is exactly what makes dual-stimulation vibrators so popular. Also known as rabbit vibrators because of the cute bunny ears found on many classic models, these toys aim to stimulate two (or more) pleasure zones at once, usually the G-spot and clit.

They’re ideal for anyone who prefers the ease of using a single toy over trying to maneuver both a dildo and a clitoral vibrator at once, and they’re also a smart buy for anyone who’s curious about so-called “blended orgasms.”

However, in spite of how wonderful they can feel, rabbit vibes are incredibly tricky to shop for. They’re highly anatomy-dependent, and in particular, the distance between your clit and vaginal opening can be a make-or-break measurement for rabbit vibes. If you buy one that doesn’t work for your body, you’ll often be shit outta luck, because most sex toy companies (understandably) don’t take returns unless a toy is mechanically defective. 

So how can you find a rabbit that’ll get your heart pounding quick as a bunny hop (and not just because you dropped $100 or more on something that doesn’t fit your anatomy)?

What to Look for in a Rabbit Vibrator

Vibration vs. Other Functions: Most rabbit toys vibrate both internally and externally, but depending on your tastes, you might want to get a little more adventurous. Depending on the toy, the internal arms of rabbit vibes can also stroke, thrust or spin, for example, while the outer arm can bend, suck, lick or pulse. If you’re not sure what you want, try to think about what sensations you already enjoy during sex or masturbation, and look for their closest parallels in a rabbit vibe.

Flexibility and Thrustability: The best way to avoid accidentally buying a rabbit that won’t fit your anatomy? Get one that can bend. It’s especially helpful if your toy’s clitoral arm has a lot of flex to it, so that it stands a better chance of hitting your actual clit, rather than someplace vaguely clit-adjacent.

A flexible clitoral arm also gives you more leeway if you want to manually thrust your rabbit in and out, which some people find feels better than vibration alone. A clit arm that bends easily will maintain better contact with that area while you thrust the toy.

Shape: If you love G-spot stimulation, look for a rabbit with an internal arm that curves upward. If you prefer deeper penetration, a long shaft could be just what you need.

Likewise, your clit’s preferences dictate what type of external arm you should look for on a rabbit. Those featuring fluttery bunny ears are unlikely to be stimulating enough for someone who needs a lot of power to get off, for instance, but might be ideal for super-sensitive folks.

Settings and Controls: Your G-spot and clit aren’t always gonna crave the same level of intensity at the same time. If you want a lot of control over your experience, look for a rabbit that lets you control each of its components separately — so that, for example, the internal arm can powerfully thrum against your G-spot while the outer arm lightly tickles your clit, or vice versa.

Also keep an eye out for rabbits that have multiple different speeds and settings. It would suck to try out your new toy for the first time and find that it feels way too strong or way too weak for you; the odds of this are significantly lower if a toy offers a multitude of options to explore.

Ready to go down the rabbit hole of dual-stimulation toys? Here are some of the best rabbit vibes out there…

Best Classic Rabbit Vibrator: Happy Rabbit Beaded Vibrator

The first time rabbit vibrators really penetrated public discourse, so to speak, was when one famously appeared on an episode of Sex and the City. It became straight-laced Charlotte’s new addiction, to the point that her worried friends had to stage a sex-toy intervention. (Some friends they are…)

The actual vibrator showcased in that 1998 episode is made of elastomer, a material that’s less hygienic than, and not as durable as, silicone — but good news: this Happy Rabbit toy is similar to that notorious vibe, but made of higher-quality materials.

Like its predecessor, the Happy Rabbit is bright and friendly looking, and has the adorable clit-focused bunny ears that gave this toy category its name. The internal shaft is designed to curve into your G-spot, and there are also some rotating beads embedded under the surface of the shaft that provide a little extra stimulation for your vaginal walls. If Charlotte’s friends ever stop shaming her for her masturbation habits, I hope she can get her hands on one of these!

Best G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator: Lelo Ina 3

Some people think the G-spot is just an internal portion of the clit, and if that’s true, this rabbit gives you super intense clitoral stimulation from all angles. The deep curve of the internal arm can locate the G-spot with ease, and the smaller arm rumbles against the external clit. There are 10 different vibration settings to try out, and the clitoral arm has enough flexibility that you can even thrust a little without losing contact.

Like the shape and look of this toy but want a little more “oomph” from your rabbit? Check out the Ina Wave 2, which is basically the same toy except that the internal portion gently strokes back and forth across your G-spot like fingers doing a “come hither” motion.

Best Thrustable Rabbit Vibrator: We-Vibe Nova 2

We-Vibe specifically designed this toy so that you’d be able to thrust it in and out without the external arm losing contact with your clit. That arm is very flexible, and moves with you as you thrust, so you never have to choose between motion and vibration.

The internal arm is well-shaped to hit the G-spot, whether you choose to thrust the toy or just leave it in place. It’s so good, in fact, that one reviewer on the We-Vibe site confessed, “I never squirted before and was not expecting it so everything is soaked now.” What a gushing endorsement!

There are 10 pre-set vibration modes, and you can even create your own using the We-Vibe app. Gotta love a smart rabbit.

Another Good Thrustable Rabbit Vibrator: SnailVibe

This vibrator uses an ingenious spiraling design to ensure that as you manually thrust it in and out, the external part stays firmly pressed against your clit. It isn’t as G-spot-focused as the Nova 2 above, so if that’s your fave spot, I’d skip this one — but if you like deep thrusts and powerful vibration, the whimsically-named SnailVibe is hard to beat.

A word to the wise: Because of the dynamic motion of this toy, you’ll want to use a good water-based lube on not only the insertable part but also the external part… unless you like painful clitoral friction. But I’m gonna assume that you don’t.

Best Self-Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator: Unbound Clutch

Sure, thrusting your own vibe is all well and good, but sometimes you just wanna lay back and let the toy do all the work. There are a bunch of self-thrusting rabbit vibes out there, and the just-launched Unbound Clutch is one of the best.

When you turn on its thrusting function, the Clutch’s internal arm starts trembling back and forth with a surprising amount of force. It feels like a teeny little jackhammer against your G-spot, in the best way. Meanwhile, the external arm rumbles satisfyingly against your clit. Each arm has multiple patterns and intensities to choose from.

The unique looped handle of this toy makes it especially great for people with grip-strength issues, or for those who want their partner to use this rabbit on them.

Best Long-Distance Rabbit Vibrator: Lovense Nora

Sex toy company Lovense is best known for their Bluetooth-compatible toys, which are beloved by many cam performers as well as folks in long-distance relationships. Their take on the rabbit vibe, the Nora, can be controlled remotely by a partner via the Lovense app. It can even be linked up, teledildonics-style, to other Lovense toys, so that (for instance) the faster you thrust your rabbit in and out, the tighter your partner’s Lovense stroker squeezes their dick. Will wonders never cease?

Even for solo use, though, the Nora is a standout. Its external arm serves up clit-quaking vibrations, while its internal arm rotates against your G-spot. Each function has three different speeds to play with. If you want a rabbit that can do double-duty, working just as well for long-distance sex as it does for solo sex, get yourself a Lovense Nora.

Best Pressure-Wave Rabbit Vibrator: Lelo Enigma

Not all clits are thrilled by vibration, which is why it’s great that pressure-wave toys are an option too. These toys use rhythmic pulses of air to stimulate the clit in an indirect and often quite effective way.

In this luxe-looking Lelo toy, clitoral pressure waves are paired with deep G-spot vibration, and the result can be startlingly intense. Just be aware that this toy’s two functions can’t be controlled separately; if one’s on, the other is on too, and when you turn the power up or down, both parts of the toy are affected. So it’s not the most versatile rabbit out there, but it’s gotta be one of the prettiest!

Best Triple-Stimulation Rabbit Vibrator: Happy Rabbit Triple Curve

Rabbit ears for your clit, a vibrating internal arm for your G-spot and a smaller, beaded arm for your butt… This vibe has it all.

Each component of this rabbit has its own motor, making it an ultra-stimulating powerhouse of a toy. The shaft has 12 vibration settings, while the ears and beads have nine each. It doesn’t lend itself especially well to thrusting, but when a vibe is throwing this much sensation at you at once, it might not even matter.