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The Best Dildos For G-Spot Pleasure

Whether they’re curved, bulged or ridged, these sex toys have G-spot-seeking features specially designed to help you maximize penetrative pleasure

Few erogenous zones have been hyped up as much as the G-spot. Orgasms from this spot have been described as “an overwhelming experience of intense pleasure,” “a roar of sexual energy” and “waves of pleasure that feel like electric pleasure deep inside.” From G-spot-focused sex position advice in popular magazines to explicit educational online videos on how to make someone squirt, there’s clearly tons of media out there that discusses the G-spot as if it’s a magical button that triggers orgasms on command.

The reality isn’t quite so simple, but it’s true that a lot of people enjoy having their G-spot touched. Despite this, the debate continues to rage about whether the G-spot actually exists at all — as if the pontifications of baffled cis male scientists should outweigh the firsthand experiences of countless people worldwide who love this kind of stimulation, and may even be able to orgasm or squirt from it.

Some researchers think the G-spot is just an internal portion of the clit that can be stroked through the vaginal wall, while others think it’s its own discrete entity, like the prostate. In any case, what we know for sure is that touching the spot can feel good regardless of whether it shows up in an MRI or in the pages of anatomy textbooks.

Another thing we know for sure: G-spot pleasure is so revered, desired and adored that the sex toy industry has cranked out innumerable dildos made for just this purpose.

What to Look for in a G-Spot Dildo

Curve. The G-spot, as you may know, is located on the front wall of the vagina (on the belly button side), about two to three inches in. Because of its placement, it’s easiest to stroke that spot with a toy that has an upward curve.

Side note: A lot of toys made for G-spot stimulation work just as well for prostate stimulation, because the two spots are relatively similar in terms of where they’re located inside the body and what kind of touch they tend to like. Just make sure that anything you put in your butt has a flared base — i.e., a base that’s wider than the widest point of the rest of the toy — so it doesn’t get lost inside you.

Head Shape. In lieu of (or in addition to) a curve, some dildos have prominent ridges or a swollen head that’s meant to stimulate the G-spot. These can feel less intense and more comfortable than an extreme curve — though if your toy has both a curve and a pronounced head, the stimulation will feel stronger than a toy that has only one or neither of these features.

Material. Stick with sex toy materials known to be body-safe and non-porous, meaning they won’t generally cause irritation, infections and other health issues. These include silicone, hard plastic, glass, metal and properly sealed ceramic or wood. For G-spot stimulation in particular, a lot of people prefer firm materials like glass and steel because these can provide the intense pressure some G-spots crave.

Handle. Depending on your preferences, using a G-spot dildo might involve tilting it, pressing it against your spot and/or thrusting it in and out pretty hard and fast — so you’ll want a toy with a handle you can comfortably hold onto and maneuver. Avoid dildos so short that you’d have to cling onto a tiny stub of a handle for dear life, as well as dildos with a handle so smooth and featureless that you might struggle to keep a good grip on them if lube got involved.

If you want to use your new dildo during strap-on sex, look for one with a wide, flat base so you’ll be able to wear it in a harness.

How to Use a G-Spot Dildo

I wouldn’t normally give such specific instructions for how to use a seemingly self-explanatory toy like a dildo, because, well, you probably know how to stick something in a hole and fuck it. But it’s worth taking a slower and more methodical approach with the G-spot, especially if you haven’t directly stimulated yours much before or haven’t used a dildo for this purpose.

Why? One main reason: For some people, jumping to intense G-spot stimulation too quickly can produce an uncomfortable or even painful feeling, often reported as a “need to pee” sensation. This seems to be related to the G-spot’s proximity to the urethra, which makes sense, but it can be off-putting for people who are used to the more straightforward pleasures of clit stimulation, and might even make them want to give up on further G-spot explorations (womp womp). 

Here are some tips on making G-spot play as comfortable and enjoyable as it can be…

Lube It Up. There’s really no such thing as too much lube, and that’s especially true when you’re rubbing an area as sensitive as the G-spot. If your dildo is made of silicone, you should eschew silicone-based lube in favor of the water-based kind so as not to damage your toy; if it’s made of another material like glass, steel or ceramic, you can use any kind of lube you want.

Get Turned on First. The G-spot swells slightly with arousal, so it can be easier to physically find it when you’re already raring to go. But also, arousal makes it likelier that you’ll perceive G-spot stimulation as pleasurable, not annoying or uncomfortable.

Go Slow and Gentle. Although you might’ve seen porn where someone got their G-spot jackhammered with fast fingers or a firm toy, it’s usually best to start with a light touch when you first get in there. It’s true that the G-spot feels somewhat buried in the vaginal wall for some people and might appreciate more pressure once it’s turned on, but you can always work your way up to that.

Experiment With Angle. Many G-spot dildos are shaped to hit that area without much effort on your part, but some need a little extra help. Try tilting the base of the toy downward, toward your butt, so that the tip presses upward inside you. Conversely, if you’re finding that a dildo feels too intense, you could try tilting it the opposite way to alleviate some of the pressure on your spot.

Accessorize. A good clitoral vibrator can be the best companion for a G-spot dildo, especially if you’re new to G-spot play and it still feels a bit weird to you. It can help you stay aroused and associate those new, unfamiliar sensations with pleasure. Incorporate your favorite clit vibe — or your hand, a partner’s hand, a partner’s mouth or whatever else works — and you might even find that you’re able to have a “blended orgasm.”

BTW, if you’ve internalized Freudian bullshit about how orgasms from penetration alone are superior to those involving clit stimulation, remember: The clit is the anatomical equivalent of the penis. We don’t expect people with penises to come without having their dick touched at all — although it can and does happen, for some people and in some situations — and likewise, orgasming sans clitoral stimulation isn’t a standard you should hold yourself to. You deserve pleasure, no matter what Freud had to say on the matter, so don’t worry if you find you’re more into clit stuff than G-spot play. 

A Word on Squirting

People who squirt often do so via hard, fast thrusts with a toy (or fingers, or a dick) against their G-spot once they’re already super turned on, sometimes in combination with clit stimulation. If you feel that telltale “need to pee” sensation, that could be a sign that you’re going to squirt soon, or at least that you might, if you keep up whatever you’re doing.

But even for people who have never squirted, I’d recommend emptying your bladder beforehand and laying down a thick towel or waterproof blanket underneath you before using a G-spot toy. This’ll give you some peace of mind so you can enjoy the sensations without worrying you’re going to ruin your mattress or have to make a late-night run to the laundromat.

And on the subject of whether squirt is pee? Research is mixed, but it seems to be its own unique substance that contains traces of pee. Semen does too — which makes sense, given that the two liquids come out of the same hole. In my view, if a fluid comes out during sex, as a direct result of sexual arousal and sexual stimulation, for all intents and purposes it’s a sexual fluid — and can be hot, regardless of its chemical makeup.

Now that I’ve got you jonesin’ for G-spot pleasure, here are some of the best dildos available for stroking this much-talked-about erogenous zone.

Best Realistic G-Spot Dildo: Vixen Creations Mustang

Not all human dicks have the upward curve that many G-spots enjoy, but the good news is that this dildo feels very close to the real thing and has a wonderful curve to it.

It’s made of dual-density silicone — firmer on the inside, squishier on the outside — for a hyper-realistic feel, and it also boasts amazingly lifelike veins and ridges that turn up the pleasure even more. The wide base makes the Mustang easy to hold onto, anal-safe and usable in a harness — basically, it’s versatile as hell.

Best Silicone G-Spot Dildo: Lelo Ella

The flat, tilted head of this toy snuggles right up against the G-spot with practically no effort, and strokes across it on every thrust. It’s made of smooth, matte silicone that makes it look elegant even when it’s covered in squirt.

It’s not the easiest dildo to hold onto, though — but on the plus side, both ends of the toy are usable, so you get more bang for your buck. The longer, straighter end doesn’t target the G-spot but is great for when you want to feel a bit more filled up.

Best Metal G-Spot Dildo: Njoy Pure Wand

If your G-spot craves firm, unrelenting pressure, as many of them do, the Pure Wand is the best tool for the job. It’s got a deep C-shaped curve and a steel sphere at either end — one smaller, one larger — each of which can massage the G-spot with aplomb. The spheres also make for comfortable handles, which can come in handy when you start to crave faster, harder thrusts.

Being made of metal, this toy works well for temperature play: You can stick it in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes before using it, if you want your G-spot to feel seduced like a Playboy bunny slipping into a hot tub.

Best Glass G-Spot Dildo: Doc Johnson Reflections Serenity

This gorgeous glass toy is similar in shape to the Pure Wand above — albeit with a less extreme curve — and costs just $19, so it’s an awesome option for G-spot newbs who don’t necessarily want to spend a bundle on a toy they might end up not even liking.

You can use the handle to rock the glass ball on the end against your G-spot. The other end can be inserted too, so you can explore two different sensations depending on your mood.

Best Small G-Spot Dildo: Tantus Acute

Want to stroke your G-spot but can’t handle a lot of girth? This petite dildo has an extreme curve and a head that’s slightly larger than its shaft, which combine to create surprisingly intense G-spot sensations for such a little toy (it’s just five inches long and has a 1¼-inch diameter).

The silicone is squishy enough to feel comfortable, even for beginners, but still firm enough to give your G-spot plenty of pressure. And as a bonus, the flared base makes the Acute anal-safe and harness-compatible.

Best Large G-Spot Dildo: Tantus General

Described by its makers as an “intermediate to advanced dildo,” this silicone toy has a strong curve and a few well-placed bumps along its shaft that slide pleasurably across the G-spot as you move it in and out. (Don’t forget the water-based lube!)

With an impressive seven inches of length, and a diameter that tops out at 2.2 inches, the General delivers a satisfyingly filling sensation while targeting your G-spot. It can be overwhelming, but sometimes that’s what you want!

Best Low-Effort G-Spot Dildo: Hole Punch Toys Fluke

I’m not gonna lie to you: G-spot stimulation can be quite an exertion. Sometimes I’ve been glad I laid down a towel before I started, not just because of the squirting but also because of the sweating — it’s hard work to thrust a toy fast and hard for minutes at a time!

If you’re unwilling to put that much effort into fucking yourself — or if you physically can’t do so, for any reason — the Fluke could become your new best friend. It’s a girthy toy with a big head that pushes into the G-spot while it’s inside you without you even having to do anything. You can squeeze your pelvic muscles around it if you want more sensation, or even hold a strong vibrator against the base of the toy to add some vibration into the mix (a tip that works with many other dildos as well). 

Your G-spot will thank you, sure, but so will your arm muscles!