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Is Dual-Pouch Underwear the Future of Comfortable Balls?

They make your dick look bigger, so there’s that

The wondrously peculiar shape of male anatomy has long puzzled underwear producers, and men face the consequences between their legs: Snug briefs scrunch our peckers and dumplings into a single sweaty squish-ball, whereas baggy boxers allow them to swing all too freely. But in the last few years, underwear makers have attempted to solve these problems by releasing what they call dual-pouch underpants, which promise peak comfort by providing separate pouches for both your Johnson and your slappers. 

Do they follow through on this promise? Kinda!

To explore the limits of dual-pouch underwear, I ordered myself a few pairs from Separatec, one of which I have on right now. As you can see in my SFW instructional video below, the underwear includes a hole for inserting your member into its own private pouch and a separate ball purse just beneath. The cock pouch can also be lifted, like a dick flap, to easily release your beast if you have to, say, use the bathroom.

My immediate reaction to dual-pouch underwear is that I feel ready to take on the world. The Peter pouch provides some lift, which has my peen pointing me forward like an arrow from God. More generally, my schlong and stones feel impressively stabilized and cool in their own pouches — no swinging about or bunching up, and no sweating yet. The small boost provided by the prick pouch also makes your dong look bigger, which I consider to be a plus. Overall, they feel good.

But does dual-pouch underwear really “ensure men’s health and well-being” like Separatec suggests on their website and packaging? Eh. “I don’t think there’s much medical science behind the claims listed for this new underwear,” says urologist Jamin Brahmbhatt. “This has less to do with health and more to do with personal comfort levels.”

Urologist Alex Shteynshlyuger agrees, adding, “There’s no obvious health benefit from this design. Some men may find it comfortable, and some may not. It’s likely to be successful for men who are well-endowed and whose penises don’t shrink significantly with weather, stress and so on.” If your wiener shrivels too much, I can definitely see how it may fall out of its pouch and end up sharing pouches with your nuts.

Otherwise, though, Shteynshlyuger positively notes that dual-pouch underwear “does appear to keep the penis protruding forward, which may be a desired characteristic for some men who want to showcase their endowment.”

So, dual-pouch underwear: Maybe not the be-all, end-all, but a step in the right, forward-pointing direction.