The Precarious Rise of Six-Feet-Apart Walking Dates

While video chatting can feel like way too little, and going to someone’s apartment can feel like way too much, going for a distanced stroll, though risky, has the potential to feel just right — and a little hot

Where the Hell Are You Supposed to Look While Walking Up the Stairs Behind Someone?

Their ass is bombarding your field of vision, so, uh… should you look elsewhere, or just accept a closeup of dem cheeks?

Most Crosswalk Buttons Do Absolutely Nothing, and the World Is a Desolate Lie

But you go ahead and keep pushing them if it makes you feel better — that’s why they’re there

A Gentleman’s Guide to Walking Your Dog

‘Heel. Heel! Hee— Sorry, he’s friendly, honest— HEEL, oh you fucking… HEEEEEL’