Chris Bourn

Chris Bourn is a writer and editor who has writed and edited for many a title, including British Maxim and Time Out. He does stories for MEL covering health, happiness, and how things came to be.

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Scenes From the Pandemic Summer of 1918

While there are some obvious parallels between now and the terrible Spanish Flu of a century ago, the most important thing to remember is that we live in a very different world today

Can a Campaign Slogan Ever Be More Than the Usual Bullshit Spin?

Politicians’ one-line pitches can be whimsical, wide of the mark and often plain weird — but whether they’re fooling anyone is another matter

Your Midlife Crisis Doesn’t Have to Be an Embarrassing Disaster

Beyond doomed affairs and creaky leather jackets, here’s what’s really going on in the 40-something dip — and how to avoid it turning you into a cliché