Chris Bourn

Chris Bourn is a writer and editor who has writed and edited for many a title, including British Maxim and Time Out. He does stories for MEL covering health, happiness, and how things came to be.

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The Loneliness Epidemic Is So Bad, World Leaders Have Been Forced to Intervene

There are many great things about being a human, but one of the most underappreciated is our need to bond with other humans. The urge…

There’s No Bigger Grift in Business Than the Consultant

As you read what follows, there’s something important that I want you keep in mind: I know next to nothing about management consultants. Despite the…

How to Trick Yourself Into Liking Classical Music

Ah. So you’ve reached that point in your life where you suddenly need to develop a genuine and abiding appreciation of classical music? Either you…