Chris Bourn

Chris Bourn is a writer and editor who has writed and edited for many a title, including British Maxim and Time Out. He does stories for MEL covering health, happiness, and how things came to be.

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Why Do Men Get So Freaked Out by Period Blood?

Compared to the average non-vampire person, I’ve consumed more than my fair share of blood over the years. This is because my favorite food of…

Is Everyone Else Actually Doing Better Than You? Here Are the Stats

Just like you, I suffer from chronic status anxiety. Over the past few years, for me this has come to mean the paralyzing feeling of…

Every Movie Cliché We Have About Teenage Dating Is Basically Wrong

“Nunchuck skills… bow-hunting skills… computer hacking skills… Girls only want boyfriends who have great skills.” Such is the wisdom of Napoleon Dynamite, all-time champion of…