Cancel Culture Is No Match for a Celebrity Sandwich

Not even Bill Cosby’s abuses can sour the taste of his famous hoagie

We Taste-Tested the Papadia, the One Papa John’s Item More of a Monster Than Papa John Himself

Is it an ode to the quesadilla? Merely a slice of pizza folded in half? A half-assed calzone? An unholy fast-food attempt at culinary fusion? We allowed it into our mouths (and stomachs) to find out.

Eat Your Heart Out: The Bobbie Turkey Hoagie

‘The Bobbie is something I always reach for. It reminds me of being young. It speaks to me of childhood, of happiness.’

An Ode to the Footlong

Subway, the struggling fast-casual sandwich chain that’s always going to smell like that, shocked the restaurant world this week by announcing a wind-down of their…