For Alice Little, Intimacy Is Everything

The high-earning courtesan has made waves by standing up for sex workers and their rights, but now, she’s working on something even more personal — coaching her clients on how to have better, more intimate sex

The ‘New Gigolos’ Reinventing Male Companionship and Sex Work

Historically, ‘gigolos’ have been male sex workers who provide companionship and sexual services to women. Now, a new generation of trans and nonbinary men — as well as a few unconventional cis guys — are pushing the profession into uncharted new directions

Songs About Sex Workers That Aren’t ‘Roxanne’

Fuck The Police

‘We Are Essential’: The Trial for the Future of Legal Pandemic Sex Work

A conversation with Alice Little, the Moonlite BunnyRanch’s top earner, who is suing Nevada’s governor to let her get back in bed