Antonia Crane

Writer, SW Forever, Professor, Cat Lady, Screenwriter, Creative Nonfiction Grand Prize Winner for PRISM International Journal, 2018; AULA Alumni Award Recipient for Activism & Community Service (2018); SFFS Grant recipient in Screenwriting for "The Lusty" (2015) with Silas Howard about the Exotic Dancer's Alliance effort.

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The Summertime Stripper Blues

I shave my bikini line along the ridge of my outer labia to catch all the stray hairs around my ass and thighs until it’s…

My Year as Athena Bliss, Hand-Job Whore of Echo Park

In mid-September 2011, when the 99 percent occupied Wall Street, I worked as a hand-job whore in a spacious, hip loft we called the Chapel,…

A Regulars’ Guide to What Happens When Your Favorite Strip Club Unionizes

Your favorite stripper texts you to say she’s at the club, wearing the black thigh-high stockings you bought for her. She sends a selfie as…