In the Eyes of Twitter, Literally Everything Has ‘Non-Binary Vibes’

Halfway between a funny joke and a tired misunderstanding, ‘non-binary vibes’ show how little we know about gender expression

Potato Head Has Always Been a Nonbinary Icon

Every kid who had this toy discovered how fluid gender can be

The ‘Bisexual Bind’: How Same-Sex Performance Anxiety Holds Bi People Back

They missed out on young queer experimentation. Now, their insecurity around flirting and sex keeps them stuck in a cycle of straight hookups

Misha Osherovich Wants Queer Hollywood to Be More ‘Freaky’

The up-and-coming thespian, who stars in ‘Freaky’ with Kathryn Newton and Vince Vaughn, is shaping the future of entertainment for nonbinary performers

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