Reconciling My Sex Work With Larry Kramer’s Monogamy

Larry Kramer believed hookup culture destroyed our community. I believe it’s what truly connects us

How the Fake Lesbians of t.A.T.u. Changed Queerness in Russia Forever

The ‘All the Things She Said’ generation is now grown up, sparking a cultural shift in their anti-gay nation. Does it matter that t.A.T.u. were never the real deal?

A Pioneering Star of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League Gets the Documentary She Deserves

Terry Donahue was celebrated on the diamond, but the world didn't know that, for seven decades, she and her partner Pat Henschel had to hide their relationship. Now with 'A Secret Love,' Donahue’s great-nephew has made a film that celebrates the couple's love — even as they battled aging and illness.

Is There a Place in Porn for Trans Guys With Penises?

There’s a complicated mix of capitalism, barriers to health care, stigma, fetishization and a general lack of diversity holding back FTM performers. For many, it’s worth the fight.