Stupid Money: What Does Deregulation Mean for Me?

Deregulation: We hear about it all the time from both sides of the political spectrum. And to hear each side’s opinion of it, fewer laws…

Crunching the Numbers: Do You Want $1 Million Upfront or $100 Every Time You Masturbate?

There’s been a meme circulating around the bro-ier sections of the internet the past few days that poses a simple hypothetical: Would you rather have…

What Can You Spend a College Fund On If Your Kid Doesn’t Use It?

Have you seen how expensive college is getting these days? If you’re a parent, setting up a college fund for your kid is more important…

I Invest in Immigrant Founders. It’s Not Political, It’s Just Good Business

Pedro Sorrentino is a Brazilian-born, Silicon-Valley-based entrepreneur and the co-founder of ONEVC, a seed-stage venture capital firm that invests in first- and second-generation immigrant founders….

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