Clean-Burning Poppers, Acne You Don’t Grow Out Of and Expensive Lunches

I read this Miles Klee magnum opus on getting peer-pressured at work into going to expensive lunches with the team, and I must say, bravo….

Gut-Busting Weightlifters, Eating Raw Eggs for the ‘Gram and the Racist Dogs of Twitter

You might not know it from looking at me now, but back in the day, I was a college athlete, 185 pounds of rock-hard muscle….

Depraved Murder, MMA’s Ticking Time Bomb and Everything Else from the Week That Was

Hi y’all! Wonderful little Saturday yesterday, wasn’t it? Nope, nothing terrible happened. Everything is a-okay… fuck it, who am I trying to kid? Yesterday was…

A Depraved Murder Mystery, a Three-Part ‘Boofing’ Extravaganza and a (Literal) Dick Poster

I can’t decide whether getting a poster of your own penis, as C. Brian Smith did in this piece, is a stroke (heh heh) of genius,…