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Clean-Burning Poppers, Acne You Don’t Grow Out Of and Expensive Lunches

I read this Miles Klee magnum opus on getting peer-pressured at work into going to expensive lunches with the team, and I must say, bravo.

Thirty-dollar sushi excursions are a scourge on office life, especially when you have a perfectly good homemade turkey sando sitting in the fridge. But FOMO is real, as is the desire to be held in high regard by your coworkers, and not a Debbie Downer who’s too cool to hang.

So what’s a model employee to do? You’re gonna have to read it (and everything else while you’re at it) to find out…

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“The Quest for ‘Farm-To-Disco’ Poppers”

Amyl Nitrites, aka poppers, are the beloved recreational drug of the gay community of which “relaxed sphincter muscles,” “complete loss of inhibitions” and “wanting to get fucked more than anything else in the world” are the primary benefits. But there’s a problem: Oftentimes the side effects of poppers outweigh their utility, a reality that makes using them a crapshoot. Enter Double Scorpio, a new, better popper without all the additives that make you cough like crazy or turn your fingers turn blue. READ MORE

Veterans Between PTSD and a Jobless Place

What a tragedy that our veterans often struggle to hold down jobs as they deal with PTSD, but now it seems their PTSD might also be preventing them from getting jobs in the first place.

The Skinny on NBA Fashion

Don’t look now, but NBA stars like Russell Westbrook and Jordan Clarkson (among many others) are bona fide fashion tastemakers. They’ve become so powerful, Dave Schilling writes, that they’re keeping “skinnies” — toothpick-leg jeans widely popular among players in the Association — in style all by themselves.

Middle-Aged Pizza Face

For the majority of people who suffer from acne, painful skin blemishes are just part of their awkward teen years, when hormones rage and faces are slicker with oil than Prince Edward Sound after the Exxon Valdez. Thankfully, though, all that bad acne usually goes away by their early 20s.

But what if it doesn’t?

Quinn Myers spoke to two guys about what it’s like to have acne well into manhood.

Under Pressure

Speaking of the teen years, everyone remembers being a teenager and being pressured to take a hit of a joint or blow off 7th and 8th period to go to a friend’s house. But do you know what adult peer pressure looks like?

It’s being pressured to go to a sushi lunch with the work gang when you’ve got a perfectly good turkey sandwich in the fridge.

Relationship Kryptonite

If only this was accurate. But sorry, it isn’t. As many have pointed out in reply to this now viral tweet, the “honeymoon phase” is the part where you fall in love, not everything after it. In fact, the honeymoon phase ending actually acts as an important catalyst for the relationship to grow even stronger.

Down With ‘Friends’

Despite staring down its own syndication doom on Netflix, Friends was able to endure mainly because of its popularity among Millennials. But ask a Gen-Xer — Friends’ original target audience — about the show and you’ll likely get a shrug, or a “whatever.” And that’s because despite latching on with a new generation of fans, Friends never quite captured its own.