‘Scenes From a Marriage’ Turns Marital Drama Into (Dull) Prestige TV

This HBO miniseries doesn’t have much new to say about the challenges of long-term relationships. But it sure says it in a classy way

Happy Birthday Tony Soprano! I Had an Astrologer Do Your Birth Chart

Could this self-described ‘fat fucking crook’ from New Jersey be anything other than an Aries moon?

Steve Zahn Is Not Gonna Overthink This

You won’t find a more chill dude than this beloved character actor, who talks to MEL about being a modern dad, staying naive and how his beta-male ‘White Lotus’ character epitomizes a lot of guys’ dilemma

‘The Sopranos’ Belongs to the Gays Now

The mob drama has always been a campy parable about gender performance and self-reflection — straights just never realized it

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