You Can’t Vote Your Way Out of a Mass Shooting

If we had actual representative democracy, we wouldn’t be in this situation

We’re Not Talking to Gun Owners About Suicide the Right Way

A new study finds that gun-owning men who have suicidal behaviors are less likely to report thinking of suicide than those without a gun. It’s another example of how poorly we understand the intersection of mental health and firearms

How Remington’s Hyper Masculine Advertising Became Its Undoing

The Sandy Hook parents agreed on a settlement with the iconic gun manufacturer after arguing that the company's marketing specifically targeted young men such as Adam Lanza with slogans like, ‘Consider your man card reissued’

The Rise of Leftist Gun Culture on Instagram

Spurred by political instability and the rise of a violent far right, young leftists are increasingly collaborating and showing off the fact that they’re armed and ready, too