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Patrick J. Sauer

Patrick Sauer grew up in Montana and now lives in Brooklyn. He’s written for the Times, GQ, Smithsonian, Fast Company, and a bunch of places that no longer exist. Check him out at patricksauer.contently.com or @pjsauer.

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‘Can You Dig It?’: How ‘The Warriors’ Went from Menace to Society to Cult Classic

The 1979 Walter Hill film incited a media firestorm when it first released for the real-world violence it supposedly inspired, but in the four decades since, it’s been embraced for the super campy tale it was all along

How Michael Keaton Became America’s Moral Compass

‘In American film, there is no one better at portraying people in positions of power facing unique moral challenges and decisions in a world where consensus seems to have vanished’

The Very American Rise of the Mass Shooter

Seamus McGraw’s new book, ‘From a Taller Tower,’ details how our culture of rage, victimhood, narcissism and love of guns has created an onslaught of violence that’s almost impossible to keep up with