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Patrick J. Sauer

Patrick Sauer grew up in Montana and now lives in Brooklyn. He’s written for the Times, GQ, Smithsonian, Fast Company, and a bunch of places that no longer exist. Check him out at or @pjsauer.

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‘Sorry We Missed You’ Takes a Buzz Saw to the Gig Economy

Ken Loach made a coronavirus masterpiece back when the gig economy still killed workers, but slowly and out of sight. His new film ‘Sorry We Missed You’ is harrowing.

How Kentucky’s $2 Million Dinosaur Ark Became a Mecca for Modern Creationism

A Q-and-A with the filmmakers behind the documentary ‘We Believe in Dinosaurs’

Errol Morris Will Tell You How Fascism Made Steve Bannon Even Richer

Now 71, the legendary documentarian sits down with MEL to discuss ‘American Dharma,’ Trump, Nazis and the utter insanity of world history