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Dave Infante

Dave Infante is an award-winning journalist, video producer, and on-camera host with a deep passion for telling the stories of people who make the food & drink he loves. He is the recipient of two James Beard Foundation Awards for Journalism.


How White Claw Became a Meme for Militant Gun Rights Shitposters

Meet the boog bois. These strapped, trigger-happy, so-called ‘autists’ have embraced every sorority’s favorite low-carb spiked seltzer. They blast White Claw cans with ammo as they prep for the next civil war. But is every zealot in on the joke?

Is Spikeball Too Bro-Tastic for the Big Leagues?

The ‘volleyball for bros’ has a fratty diehard fandom—which might be its greatest liability, too

‘Who Runs Four Pins?’

Why the now defunct streetwear blog is somehow more popular than ever

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