How to Check Your Drugs for Adulterants

You may need a new dealer after reading this

Inside the Ongoing Search for the the ‘Perfect’ Painkiller

Even as the country reels from the opioid epidemic, doctors believe the safer, non-addictive future of pain medicine may still lie with opioids themselves

Fentanyl Is So Powerful, Not Even the Doctor Who Invented Narcan Thinks It’s Enough to Save Us

‘The opiate epidemic is really a fentanyl crisis’

Fentanyl Is Exploding — And Heroin Addicts Are Becoming Reliant on a Nasal Spray to Reverse ODs

‘It’s an expensive, powerful drug that lots of poor people are getting hooked on. I had a girl steal from me to get high, then I had to save her life when she went out.‘

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