I Once Lived for Danger. Night Surfing Scared Me Straight.

In 2001, the TV show ‘Jackass’ was canceled. It only took me 19 more years to stop doing dumb shit.

The Electrifying Rise and Fall of Tazer Ball — As Told by One of the Sport’s First Stars

‘They wanted it to be big, they wanted it to be flashy and they wanted to sell it to TV,‘ Derrick Weltz of the Toronto Terror tells MEL

Inside the Butt-Slammin’, Bird-Wreckin’ World of Extreme Scooter Bros

‘I ate it pretty hard in front of like 10 chicks.’ — an X-treme Bird scooter master

Disc Golf Is Going Pro, and Life for Chill Bros Has Never Been Better

Gleneagles Golf Course leans against the backside of a steep hill in San Francisco. It sits on the southern slope, over the hill from McLaren…

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