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Tony Rehagen

Tony Rehagen is a freelance writer based in Atlanta, Ga. His work has appeared in Men’s Health, GQ, USA Today and others. He is a five-time finalist for the City and Regional Magazine Association Writer of the Year award.

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Crashed Ice: The Most Vicious Winter Sport You’ve Never Heard Of

The Croxall Brothers, Kyle and Scott, stand side-by-side at the top of the world — or at least Minnesota. The two broad-shouldered Canadians, who are packed in…

‘The Hurt Locker’ Back at Home

It isn’t Iraq or Afghanistan. It’s Georgia and Tennessee. And it isn’t IEDs. It’s Civil War-era cannonballs. But for this Air Force bomb squad, the job isn’t any less deadly

Twelve Hours a Slave

Why one man spends his spare time re-enacting America’s ugliest era