I Spent a Day in Manhattan Eating the Rich

This week, a popsicle truck set up shop in New York and L.A., offering up the frosty heads of billionaires like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg. I happily chowed down on all of them

A Very Chill Collection of Popsicle Patents

For nearly 100 years, popsicles have been a delicious, frosty canvas for our culture to paint itself on

The Father of the Graham Cracker Was One of the Great All-Time Buzzkills

Thomas Graham, the namesake of the half cookie, half cracker and the man who spent a lifetime railing against any food that brought taste, flavor or enjoyment to the table, would get no pleasure at all in the amount of pleasure graham crackers have provided over the last nearly 200 years

Can I Inhale a Sleeve of Graham Crackers Guilt-Free?

It’s not like saltines are so great for you. Does a little cinnamon and sugar — and sometimes chocolate, too — make them that much worse?