The Riveting, Intimate World of ‘Cuck Texts’

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‘Pete the Power Cuck’ Is the Horny Thorn in Disney’s Side

After YouTube demonetized the cheeky Disney spoof, Joe the Animator’s beloved short is making the rounds on the internet, where it’s picking up steam as pure, grade A cuck propaganda

The Men Who Could Be Incels, But Choose to Be ‘Pussy-Free’ Instead

While incels have made a whole thing around hating women for not having sex with them, pussy-free betas have eroticized it, creating a growing community of joyfully sexless men who love the ladies who reject them

The Female Betas Who Get Off on Feeling Inferior to Other Women

Within the largely male-dominated space of beta groups on Reddit, there are a few women who also like being friendzoned and cucked by the ‘superior sex’