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‘Pete the Power Cuck’ Is the Horny Thorn in Disney’s Side

After YouTube demonetized the cheeky Disney spoof, Joe the Animator’s beloved short is making the rounds on the internet, where it’s picking up steam as pure, grade A cuck propaganda

There are plenty of familiar cartoon couples who, now in our adulthood, definitely give off cuckolding vibes. Charlotte Pickles from Rugrats definitely cucks Drew. Cosmo and Wanda of Fairly Odd Parents would probably be into it, too. It doesn’t really matter whether any of this is canon or not, though, because illustrators online can make it happen regardless. But it’s not all just Rule 34 cartoon smut. In some cases, it’s safe-for-work renditions that feel real. Real enough that Disney would force its creator to take it down. Such is the case with “Pete the Power Cuck,” a minute-and-a-half long YouTube clip created by Joe the Animator

In the clip, we see the Disney character Goofy, his neighbor Pete and Pete’s wife, Peg. Peg is chilling outside at a grill on her and Pete’s patio, though for whatever reason, she appears to just be throwing meat into a trash bin. Inside, Goofy and Pete observe her. “What do you think of my wife, Goof? Pretty hot, huh,” asks Pete. “She’s a real piece of ass, if you know what I mean. Don’t you think? C’mon, you can say it.” 

In Goofy’s usual befuddled, nasally tone, he replies, “Well, I s’pose so, Pete, hyuck.” 

“You wanna do my wife, Goofy? Be my guest, I don’t have a problem with it,” Pete replies. 

Goofy tries to play it off, but Pete says he’s serious. “I know you’re lonely, pal. I know you haven’t been with anyone since your wife kicked the bucket,” he offers mournfully. “I just want you to know I’m here for you.” Before the conversation can continue, Peg returns inside and gives Pete a big smooch. All Goofy says is “Gorsh” before the scene ends. 

The animation and voices are juuust off enough that you can tell it’s not really a Disney product, but it’s close enough that you might consider it. The video was originally released in April, but allegedly, it was quickly demonitized by YouTube for having Disney characters in it. That means it’s realistic enough that Disney may have perceived it as a threat (this is unconfirmed, though). Because of this, Joe took down the video entirely in protest, and has stated on his YouTube and Twitter that his video will remain locked until it can be remonitized. Nevertheless, you can access re-uploads from other people on YouTube or find the full clip elsewhere. 

This drama basically proves that Pete, being a cuck — rather, a power cuck, or someone who invites cuck situations with their wife themselves and enjoys it — is an established part of the Disney universe. Doesn’t that whole plot about Pete worrying about Goofy being lonely feel realistic? It’s actually rather sweet. This isn’t just some horny cartoon made by someone who wants to see Peg get railed by Goofy (though I can’t speak to Joe’s preferences, either way), but a narrative advancement to Goofy’s world. 

Despite the original being taken down, it’s built a minor cult following. “I’ve been saying ‘What? You wanna DO my wife, Goofy?’ constantly and no one else understands,” wrote one viewer on the reuploaded version. “God, watching this is like drinking a nice glass of rum as a nightcap,” another remarked. 

Disney may fear it, but Pete is a cuck now. Does Goofy do Pete’s wife in the end? We may never know. But as the video proves, the mere suggestion is powerful enough.