Across the Country, Fraternity Hazing Rituals Are Still Killing Young Men

Male college students keep dying every year during pledge season — and people keep looking for piecemeal answers, hoping the system can be reformed. But is this about ‘bad apples,’ or a culture of violence and neglect as machismo?

The Story of Scrotie, the Dick-and-Balls Hockey Mascot That Could

In addition to being created by the FREAKING FOUNDER OF AIRBNB, Scrotie completely revitalized the Rhode Island School of Design’s miserable hockey team and gave fans something big to root for

The Beta Men Who Gleefully Do Women’s Homework for Free

Desperate to please hot women in need of homework help, self-professed ‘homework slaves’ put aside their own needs and responsibilities to make sure their goddesses make the grade

Guys Are Dressing Up As Girls to Get Into Frat Parties

You’re much more likely to get into such an alcohol-laden bacchanal if you’re a hot girl, which might explain why the ostensibly cis men of TikTok are donning wigs and crop tops to sneak in