Under 10 Percent of IndyCar Engineers Are Women. She’s One of Them

In a sport not exactly known for its diversity, Angela Ashmore is trailblazing her way to victory lane, where she and her team recently took a lap as this year’s Indy 500 champs

Post-9/11 America Is a Hummer H2

It’s been 20 years since the debut of the H2, a bloated truck that inspired the masses with its heft, price and military roots. Looking back, it represented the dumbest insecurities of post-9/11 America — and it still informs some of the worst masculine tropes today

The Wild Ride of the Ferrari Test Drive Bandit

In 2003, a middle-aged white man walked into a luxury car dealership, conned the sales team into letting him take a Ferrari for a test drive and was never seen again. It was the first of three such cars he stole in an epic crime spree that spanned hundred of miles and defied law enforcement for half a decade

How Expensive Would the Most Famous ‘Fast & Furious’ Car Chases Be With Current Gas Prices?

With all their erratic, unsafe driving, it’s likely that Dom and Brian would always be refilling at the pump. But in this economy, would they even be able to afford it?