‘Under the Bridge’ Taught Red Hot Chili Peppers It Was Okay to Be Grown Up

Rock ‘n’ roll has a love/hate relationship with maturity. But for this good-time SoCal funk-rock band, deciding to record a vulnerable ballad about drug addiction guaranteed we'd hear them on the radio for the rest of our lives

Why Did Two Twentysomethings from Central California Try to Join ISIS?

Both Bernard Augustine and Everitt Jameson sought escape from their own lonely lives. What do their stories tell us about the allure of the Islamic State for young, angry American men?

Who Put a Hit Out on Azul the Peacock?

He was beloved by seemingly everyone but one man — a man who took to Craigslist to offer up a contract on the poor bird’s life

Has the Three-Strikes Law Finally Struck Out?

L.A. has become the first municipality to try to strike down a policy that’s done very little other than destroy the lives of Black and brown families

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