Mr Blobby Is the Anti-Capitalist Agent of Chaos Banksy Never Was

Bansky tried to be ‘anti-capitalist’ with his trite, painfully literal spray paint art. But he’ll never do anarchy like Blobby, the mayhem-minded children’s mascot hellbent on destroying the bourgeoise

The Fiery Campaign to Give the Dragon on the Welsh Flag a Penis

It’s not a juvenile troll as much as it is history

Why Didn’t British Cops Take the Grindr Killer More Seriously?

After a series of ‘systemic failings’ gave a murderer free reign to target gay men, an inquest has been launched into the Met Police’s fatal homophobia

Inside the U.K.’s War on Strip Clubs

Faced with the disappearance of their jobs and safety networks, strippers all over the U.K. are fighting a pitched ideological battle against anti-sex work activists who want strip clubs banned from the country completely