How the Alt-Right Infiltrated Architecture Twitter — And Turned Notre-Dame Into a Political Lightning Rod

As the once-magnificent spire of Notre-Dame de Paris burned last week, some on Twitter lamented that the moment marked the end of Western civilization. Unsurprisingly,…

Who Decides How High the Urinals in the Bathroom Are?

Most men’s bathrooms boasting four or more urinals feature at least one urinal that’s mounted slightly lower than the rest. This li’l guy is useful…

Watch Shit Blow Up With Us—It’s Fun

A few weeks ago, the long-abandoned building that stood next to the MEL offices finally succumbed to the destructive power of an excavator’s power shovel….

The MEL Questionnaire: Video Game Pioneer Mel Croucher

What’s in a name? More specifically, what’s in the name Mel? We’re not so sure ourselves, but the MEL Questionnaire is our quest to find…

Goodbye, L.A.