Wine Is a Cop-Out. Here’s What to Bring to Thanksgiving Instead

Hosting Thanksgiving dinner isn’t easy — say thanks with an alcoholic offering that’s got more personality and backbone than a simple bottle of red

The Absolute Delight of Arby’s French Fry-Flavored Vodka

A Bloody Mary filled with alcohol that tastes like fast food, and is garnished with even more fast food? Yes, please

A Very Drunk History of ‘It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere’

At some point, the entire world latched on to the saying as a way to winkingly excuse their 11 a.m. negroni. Who birthed this monstrosity, and why won’t country stars stop crooning it?

How Drunk is Too Drunk to Work Out?

Leave me alone. I’m totally fine to squat these 500 pounds

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