Diet Coke Exists Because Men Thought Tab Was Too ‘Girly’

The Coca-Cola Company’s marketing was so effective at winning over female consumers with its original diet soda — Tab — that when it wanted to broaden the market to men, it had to create a whole new drink

Did Pepsi Ever Cure the Dyspepsia It Was Created to Treat?

Early marketing efforts leaned much harder on the soft drink’s alleged abilities to calm indigestion and stomach aches as opposed to Super Halftime shows and Beyonce. The thing is, it might never have had contained the eponymous ingredient to do so

The Bootlegging, Moonshine Origins of Mountain Dew

Long before it was the stuff of gamers and X-Game athletes, Mountain Dew was an illicit corn whiskey fashioned from homemade stills deep in the backwoods of Appalachia

A Toasty History of Eggos, the Waffle We’ll Never L’Eggo

With a 50-year-old slogan and rabid ‘Stranger Things’ fanbase obsessed with their nostalgic 1980s appeal, Eggos has proved they’re as American as apple pie