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Your Fandom Sucks (Deal with It), The Problem with Guys Named ‘Bret’ and the Jedi Who Fucks

I don’t think we’ll ever get to the bottom of whether Luke Skywalker boned down, and whom he might have boned down with, regardless of what Mark Hamill might say. Canonically speaking, there aren’t a lot of potential mates to choose from. Luke clearly preferred the soft touch of a woman, given his attraction to his sister, Leia, and the lack thereof for his hunk of a best bud, Han. So him, Obi Wan and Lando are out. And Leia, well, she’s his sister — so she’s out, too. I don’t mean to assume Chewbacca’s gender, but I think we can assume Chewy’s into wookies. C-3PO might be fluent in over 6 million forms of communication, but the “language of love” likely isn’t one of them. R2D2 is a trash can. Honestly, your head could spin trying to figure this stuff out.

Personally, I think if Luke did smash, he probably smashed with some nice, local moisture-farm girl on Tatooine who likely assumed that with Uncle Owen’s new droids working out, Luke was to transfer his application to the Academy before the harvest, and wanted to get a piece before he left.

But that’s just my opinion.

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Fuckin’ Bret

In honor of idiot author Bret Easton Ellis’ well-deserved shellacking at the hands of Isaac Chotiner in a recent New Yorker interview for, well, being an idiot, Miles Klee expounds on the phenomenon of dudes named “Bret” being born shitheads.

Brett Favre, Brett Ratner, Bret Baier, Bret Michaels, Bret Stephens — you’re all on notice.

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Working Both Sides

The adult-industry pay scale is skewed greatly in favor of female performers, which all but makes it a unicorn considering how pay disparity between the sexes usually work. This discrepancy has manifested itself in many male actors — be they straight, bi or gay — crossing over between gay, straight and trans porn depending on where the best-paying job is at any given moment. But crossing over has its downsides, too, and many consider crossover porn stars bad for business — largely because of one dangerous myth.

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Early to Rise

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This Jedi Fucks ?

Did Skywalker die a virgin? Mark Hamill says no:

So let’s say that’s true — who did he lose his virginity to? We have some theories.