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What to Do On Shrooms While You’re Tripping Balls, Man

With a little help from your friend, psilocybin, sitting in a hotel lobby can be a most memorable life moment

It’s a random Wednesday afternoon. You’re on magic mushrooms — again. But what to do? Unfortunately, you’ve already blown through our recommendations for what to watch on shrooms. Luckily, we still got you. Here are some of the best things to do on shrooms, whether you’re a seasoned psilocybin slut or a sheepish fungal noob.

What to Do on Shrooms, According to a Professional Trip Sitter

“It really depends on one’s intention,” says the deliberately anonymous founder of, who’s trip-sat for hundreds of shroom takers in their time. “The way I recommend people doing it is just lying down on a mattress, bed or couch, putting eye shades on — maybe playing some healing music — and not doing anything. The whole idea of mushrooms is to see what happens. It’s more of a non-doing than a doing.”

That may not be the exhilarating answer you were hoping for, but this is especially true on large doses of shrooms, where any slightly strenuous physical or mental activity can be exceptionally overwhelming. (One gram of dried material is typically considered to be a light dose, whereas a “trip dose” is about three grams. A gram scale is a must-have for magic mushroom doers.) However, the creator says that, on smaller doses, hiking, relaxing on the beach, dancing and even working out all tend to be enjoyable shroom endeavors.

If you’re the adventurous type and have plenty of experience with psilocybin, don’t worry; I have more suggestions for what to do on shrooms down below. But for anything more than tripping in the safety of your home, it’s essential that you read our instructions for how to have a good trip on shrooms. It’s also a really good idea to have a sober trip sitter keep you safe and out of trouble if anything goes awry, and an escape plan ready, because you never know where your mushroom mind will take you.

Now let’s look at some other things to do on shrooms…

What to Do on Shrooms, According to the Mind Sailors of r/Shrooms

Because everyone has their own unique relationship with psychedelics, I asked the psychonauts on r/shrooms about the best things to do on mushies and was reminded that the world is our oyster (mushroom). Here are some of the mushroom-inspired activities they replied to my post with:

  • “I love feeding the horses fresh fruits and veggies and nuzzling them.”
  • “Play with my dogs.” (Or have them fetch you a light beer, if you’re into that.)
  • Skate.” (But wear a helmet, goddamnit!)
  • “If there’s a big hotel lobby go check it out and observe the planters and carpet.” (Just try not to attract too much attention.)
  • “Gaming, either Oculus or Xbox. Tripping makes the games so much different.”
  • “Journal. It helps keep my brain on track while I work through my problems.”
  • “Taking a nice walk at the end is just magical.”
  • “Play chess.”
  • “Swimming in the ocean. With my eyes open underwater, I feel like I’m in another world.” (Don’t go out too far, though.)
  • “Sex.” (Learn more about shrooms and being really, really horny here!)
  • “Listen to Beethoven symphonies while drinking coconut pineapple juice and hitting some Mango Haze vapor.”
  • “Stare at the wall for hours.”
  • “Eating good fruit.”
  • “Magic.”
  • “Watch birds in my garden.”
  • “Watching the clouds.”
  • “Watch Trolls.”
  • “Hanging out with friends.”
  • “The zoo, art museum, hiking, aquarium.”
  • “Take a shower after drinking a full large glass of water.”
  • “Hold on for dear life.”

What to Do on Shrooms, According to the Most Insane Stories I Could Find On the Internet

If staring at walls and making hotel staff nervous aren’t adventurous enough for you, perhaps you can find inspiration in these truly bizarre psilocybin stories from around the World Wide Web: 

Now see if you can fit all of the above into a single trip.