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What to Watch on Shrooms for Good Happy Vibes

Yep, we’re at this stage of quarantine

There comes a time in everyone’s quarantine when they inhale a handful of shrooms and sink into the couch for some quality TV. If your time has come, here’s what to watch on shrooms for wonderful happy times.

First of all, your safest bet is almost always: nothing. “From the wellness-oriented, ceremonial perspective, we’d never suggest watching TV while on mushrooms,” says Nicholas Levich, cofounder of Psychedelic Passage. “In the intentional-use context, the goal is to remove as much external stimuli as possible, except music, thus facilitating a journey inward. Plus, on high doses of psilocybin, watching anything on a screen can prove to be quite challenging and sometimes unenjoyable.”

But if you have a good handle on shrooms, and take a lower dose (less than a gram), that opens up your options. “From a recreational perspective, watching videos or shows can be very entertaining,” Levich says. “We suggest fractal visualizations like Electric Sheep, lighthearted movies and TV shows that you’ve seen before — comedy is great — nature documentaries (though be cognizant of violent scenes), philosophical talks and guided meditations. Our advice in this context is to choose something that feels right. Let your body guide you. You don’t like it? Switch to something else. You’re bound to find something enjoyable on YouTube or Netflix.”

For more specific recommendations, I asked the fungus wranglers on r/shrooms. Here’s what to watch on shrooms, including some trippy shows on Netflix, according to them:

Have a great weekend in quarantine!