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This Is What the Pros Do to Ejaculate Really Far

There’s more than one reliable way to make your loads go the distance

Men love their loads. Whether it’s because a healthy looking ejaculate is tied to fertility — and thus, symbolizes that the male can do his part to keep the species going — or because porn has inspired countless copycat web slingers, many find extracurricular means to nurture their cum with a purpose of showing it off. The internet hosts copious “huge ejaculators” videos and masturbation competitions, while at least one subreddit has been dedicated to “guys who happen to like jerking off with others.” 

A thrilling end game for quite a few participants in these activities, not to mention all the private lovers out there, is to proudly display how far they can fire their wad. Though some uncontrollable factors like age and genetics may mitigate the reach of any garden hose, there are some vetted methods and lifestyle choices that can help power one’s ejaculate a greater distance. 

Here are a few…

A Healthy Diet and Regular Exercise

Ejaculation is a physical act, so keeping your body in shape is a must for optimization. “Treat your body like a temple,” says Paul Turek, a board-certified urologist and microsurgeon specializing in male fertility and sexual health, and the founder of the Turek Clinic in California. “Diet, exercise, weight, all the things that keep your body healthy are also excellent for sex, erections, ejaculation and fertility.” 

He adds that warding off illnesses, like diabetes, as well as high cholesterol while building muscle tone also generally helps. 

Robby Echo, a 33-year-old porn star who’s done his fair share of solo masturbation scenes, says his willingness to prioritize physical health has been a huge plus — to his life and his loads. He doesn’t drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes or ingest any dairy products because they generate inflammation in the body. He became motivated to exercise and live on a plant-based diet when, at just 19, his doctor warned him of emerging blood-sugar problems.

Echo’s also learned where to best focus his exercise to help his ejaculate performance for a scene. “Keeping the pelvic floor strong,” he says is vital. “You can do that through squats and kegels, and that will maximize your distance.”

Moe “The Monster” Johnson, a 38-year-old porn star veteran, says drinking copious amounts of orange juice and pineapple juice will help with an ejaculate’s performance, though not directly. Such juices, he says, “balances out the citric acid” in his cum, “so it tastes good for the girls.” “It’s all mental,” Johnson continues. “You want to have complete confidence, so if you know that it’s going to taste good to your partner, that also adds to the thrust.”

Johnson says consuming Pedialyte also helps create a healthy ejaculate, because it hydrates the body, as does nutrient-rich asparagus and bananas, a good source of Vitamin D, a known ejaculate aid. He recommends Naked brand protein juice smoothies for the best testicular protein shake production.


Patience is a virtue, particularly for the dedicated long-distance load blower. “Enhancing the volume of the ejaculate can enhance the quality of it, meaning the feeling and also maybe the force,” says Turek. “So longer abstinence is one way to increase the volume, because you sort of build volume if you wait.” 

In other words: “It’s like when you send a large amount of liquid through a tiny cylinder,” Echo observes.

The ejaculate volume increases between one and seven days’ time, Turek says, as does the sperm count. Beyond that, he explains that there’s uncertainty in the medical community as to whether or not ejaculate volume will continue to build in the body. 

“I prefer having the day off before a scene; I feel like that makes it just absolute prime for me,” Echo says, referring to his love batch. “Any more than that and I’m a little too sensitive for the scene, and it’s risky for me to pop early, which is a big no-no in this industry.”

For his part, Johnson says he likes to build his load over the course of two or three days before a scene by abstaining. “If I wait five days, or seven days, it will be massive,” he offers.

Stimulating Yourself Better and Longer 

In general, the better the stimulation and excitement present, the better the ejaculation. But the reasons behind that thesis are more complicated than one might think. “You have to separate orgasm from ejaculation,” Turek says. “One is a cerebral event — like a headache, but the opposite — and one is a reflex. So, God or Darwin just happened to associate the two so that ejaculation became a pleasurable event. If it were a headache, you wouldn’t reproduce.”

The connection between the two isn’t completely understood, Turek explains, but if greater stimulation is sent to the brain through the nervous system, there may be a more pleasurable climax and a more powerful ejaculate. Longer stretches of foreplay can help, too. “The volume is pulled from a reservoir, and the more foreplay, the more you pull from the reservoir to ejaculate,” Turek says. “When you’re ejaculating, things that make you more excited will probably give you better ejaculation.”

Massaging the prostate or squeezing the testicles could enhance distance, Turek adds, but only because those practices may lead to greater nervous-system stimulation. Autoerotic asphyxiation, which leads to about 150 accidental deaths in the U.S. each year, falls into this category as well, but Turek says, at best, the practice might add 10 percent to an ejaculate distance. “If it’s worth your life, then you’re a [real] risk taker,” he says, facetiously.

Squeezing The Right Spots — At Just the Right Time

The shooting action during ejaculation is largely made possible thanks to rhythmic contractions spurred by the bulbospongiosus and pubococcygeus muscles located in the penis. “Taking the hand, wrapping it and then wringing the penis forward as it comes out, timing it to the pelvic thrust, you can probably get more distance,” Turek says, “because you’re increasing the pressure around the penis and that’s what the muscles are trying to do.”

When on the job, Johnson seems to do something similar to his johnson. “There’s a trick some of the old veterans use if you’re trying to get it to do that squirt, like you see Peter North and them [do], where it shoots all the way across the room kind of thing,” he observes. “You pull the skin back and hold it for a good five seconds before you let it go. It’ll hold it all up, so when it shoots out, boom, you get a bigger impact.”

Turek says pressuring the penis and holding back the load could be uncomfortable — as you’re interrupting a body reflex with a “point of no return” — and retard the ejaculation. With that information in mind, I remark to Johnson that it sounds like executing such a stunt is tricky business.

“It’s a science,” Johnson says. “Not many can do it; only the greats.”

As for what kind of extra length we’re talking about, the distance an ejaculate can travel varies greatly from person to person and situation to situation, but the average is believed to be between 7 and 10 inches. Guys on the internet will boast of yardslong personal marks, and there’s an unsubstantiated story that the world’s record holder for the farthest ejaculate is a man named Horst Schultz, who reportedly launched a single cumshot 18 feet and 9 inches away from his body. 

But when I mention that figure to Turek, he laughs. “Ejaculation is a reflex, like a sneeze, so it’s not that easy to alter it,” he tells me. “You can stop the sneeze from coming out, but you can’t stop the sneeze. In that sense, [ejaculation is] somewhat limited as a biological event, in terms of what you can do about it. You can either have it or not.”

So if it’s worth spending money on supplements, abstaining for a week and causing yourself some pain while you hold yourself back, mid-cum, you might have something to show the rest of the internet for the effort. Everyone else will just be off enjoying themselves way more often — and far more safely.