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The Reasons ‘Sent From My iPhone’ Still Exists, Butt Chins and Why Churches Love Jordan Peterson

If I had my druthers, I’d prefer not to be contacted for any reason, whatsoever. That said, I’m not going to fuss if it’s work-related. Shit, as the dutiful employee I am, I’ll even answer emails outside of work hours. Then again, I’m definitely not doing it from my computer, so you best be prepared for a handful of spelling errors and the “Sent from my iPhone” built-in excuse that comes along with them. Situations like off-hour work emails are practically what the “Sent from…” line was invented for, even if it might have outlived its usefulness. I take comfort knowing I’m not the only one who still uses it with aplomb, however.

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Strangers Assume His Fiancée Is His Nurse
You know what they say about assumptions, and it couldn’t be truer in the case of Shane Burcaw and Hannah Aylward, an interabled couple. Burcaw, you see, lives with spinal muscular atrophy, while his fiancée, Aylward, is able-bodied. Given society’s norms and expectations of the lives of disabled men, when people see the two together, the assumption is never that they’re engaged — only that she’s his caregiver. It’s a pain that’s inflicted upon them almost daily, but the two have worked to challenge misconceptions of disabled love through books, documentaries and a thriving YouTube channel. READ MORE

Future Food

Making space habitable for humans is going to require solutions to challenges the likes of which we’ve never encountered. In fact, nearly everything we take for granted on Earth will need to be entirely reinvented. But the most pressing question is, how we gonna eat mac ‘n’ cheese in space? Fortunately, we have some of our planet’s greatest thinkers on the case. Brian VanHooker spoke to engineers, astronomers and futurists to help explain how we’ll bring our favorite Earth foods up into the final frontier.

Chin Looks Like a Butt

Cleft chins are a gorgeous genetic anomaly. Sure, they’re called “butt chins,” but you know what? People love butts. The cleft chin gang needs to stand proud!

Jordan Peterson, Jesus Freak?

Despite his own opaque stance on Christianity, Jordan Peterson has received wide praise from churches of various denominations across the country for his “12 Rules For Life” philosophy. Given that, among regular churchgoers, men are in the minority, it’s certainly possible Peterson might lead more of them toward God. But not everyone is sure his path aligns with Christianity as we know it.

Guys with Gal Pals

It might beggar belief, but some men choose only to have female friends. Does that tell us more about the individuals themselves, or men as a whole? Lauren Vinopal explores the complicated psychology behind the guys who aren’t friends with other guys.

Art Crimes and Misdemeanors

The Empty Brain Movement

Dopamine fasting — just the latest wellness trend from those bozos in Silicon Valley — means abstinence from sex, the internet, long conversations and just about every other mental and physical stimulant, all in the name of improved focus and concentration. Tech bro adherents claim it’s the only way to truly fly, but the practice itself is something people have been doing for centuries — they’ve just called it something else.

Movin’ On Out

Moving to a new state is not the same thing as moving down the street. You can’t just pack up and go — there are THINGS to CONSIDER. Ian Lecklitner breaks down everything you need to know before switching states, from the tax implications to the effects on your social life.

Twin Brothers’ Tragedy

In the new Netflix documentary, Tell Me Who I Am, director Ed Perkins chronicles the lives of twins Alex and Marcus Lewis, now in their 50s, who were sexually abused as children — only, one of the twins, Alex, doesn’t remember. Tim Grierson spoke to Perkins, about their story, the process of getting the brothers comfortable enough to finally talk about the past and where they go from here now that they’ve shared their truth with the world.

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  1. If you’re thirsting for a duly elected dude, you’re in for a world of hurt. “Hot” politicians — like hot mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey — are a very risky proposition, since it’s often only a matter of time before the other shoe drops.
  2. The uber-popular tabletop game, Warhammer, is a leftist masterpiece. Sure, the fascist right has tried to co-opt it for their own nefarious propaganda efforts, but at its core, the game resonates as a searing critique of authoritarian politics.
  3. Bottled oxygen, like Boost Oxygen as seen on Shark Tank, is the ultimate millennial scam. Canned oxygen promises to help you recover from workouts, sharpen your mind and even cure hangovers. Unfortunately, the science says otherwise.
  4. We sent C. Brian Smith to sleepaway camp last month, and he had a great time. A generation ago, existential loneliness was a hole filled by getting married and having kids. Now, though, some untethered millennials longing for a simpler, happier past are headed back to the comfort and relative safety of the rope courses and campfire singalongs of adult summer camp.