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The Men Whose Maids Are Their Mommies, Why People Are Scared to Be Organ Donors and Bizarre College Drinking Games

When I was a student at Cal (Go Bears, obvi), we didn’t have a specialty drinking game, per se. We did have a specialty drink, however: The underrated and misunderstood Mickey’s 40oz. One was enough to get you going, and two would put you on the floor. I drank so many freshman year I probably put the local 7-Eleven owner’s kids through college. I dunno, maybe drinking live goldfish shots like the nerds at MIT might be flashier, but at the time, a Mickey’s 40 mixed with some orange juice was *chef’s kiss*.

College was a weird time.

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“The Millennial Men Whose Moms Still Clean Their Rooms”
Men outsourcing domestic labor to women, particularly their mothers, is nothing new, but that doesn’t mean it sits well with the wives and girlfriends of these helpless manchildren. In fact, it’s an issue that comes up a lot in modern couples therapy. Still, many of the guys who can’t be bothered to lift a finger around their own houses chalk it up to willful ignorance or just plain laziness. READ MORE

Honor Thy Mother and Father

Filial piety, or a deep respect for one’s parents and elders, is considered a major virtue in East Asian cultures and it’s been this way for thousands of years. Obviously a desire to care for parents is common around the world, but what makes the Asian interpretation unique is that it’s an obligation. This tension is beautifully captured in The Farewell, director Lulu Wang’s tragic but deeply funny debut feature.

Don’t Sleep on Instant Coffee

In an era of Starbucks on every corner and bespoke gourmet shit on every other, you might think instant coffee belongs back in the 1950s from whence it came. But those flavor-packed crystals are actually way better for your health than the regular stuff.

Get Up and Goo

If you’re a runner, by now you’ve surely tried one of those pouches of energy goo, and found that yes, they do pack a significant pick-me-up punch. Funny enough, though, they don’t actually have much going for them. In fact, you could get the same boost from a squeeze of honey.

Organ Paranoia

According to Donate Life America, 95 percent of U.S. adults support organ donation, yet only 54 percent are actual registered donors. So why do some people say they’re for organ donation, as long as it’s not their organs?

World Domination, IRL

Europa Universalis IV is a computer strategy game, the point of which is to try to take over the world. But it’s at banks of high-powered PCs set up around wooden tables in an old Polish castle that Europa Universalis’ top players step out of the very much online world and into the IRL one, dressing up as the lords and ladies of the day, and settling their “grievances” in person.

Drinking Games

At MIT, they down live goldfish. At Indiana, they play “sink the biz.” And at Illinois, they drink a “Blue Guy.” Joe Longo explains the strangest, funniest and most despicable chugging traditions from universities across the country