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The Ban-Happy Men of Tinder, The Werking Dads of DragCon and Instagram Pet-Influencer Profiteering

I’m sorry to report, dear readers, that today will be my last day writing In Case You Missed It. That’s right: I’ve decided to take my talents to South Beach Instagram, where my girlfriend and I will be starting a pet-influencer account post haste. According to those that have done it, you can make quite a pretty penny — or, at least, enough to cover rent? — if you know what you’re doing.

Now the only question is, should we opt for a dog, or an alpaca?

Must Read

“Guys Are Reporting Women on Tinder for the Crime of Not Being Into Them”
It’s a common story: Girl meets boy on Tinder. Girl and boy text on the dating platform, maybe make plans to see each other. Girl says something to boy that boy doesn’t like, or changes her mind. Boy flies into a rage, reveals his true colors and vindictively reports girl for violating the app’s Terms of Use or Community Guidelines in some way, resulting in her permanent ban. It’s a scenario that’s more typical than you might think, and it often leaves the women on the receiving end hurt, bewildered and with little to no recourse for getting the ban reversed. READ MORE

Messing With The Bull

This week, a Texas man took a steel-reinforced banjo and beat the shit out of Wall Street’s “Charging Bull”:

I think we can all share the man’s frustrations with what has become an icon of ill-gotten wealth and power. But he certainly wasn’t the first to attempt to deface the famous bull. In fact, this dude’s banjo attack is just the latest in a 30-year war on the semi-accidental symbol of capitalism.

RuPaul’s DragCon Dads

Since launching in 2015, DragCon NYC, the immersive manifestation of reality-TV juggernaut RuPaul’s Drag Race, has become the premier daytime event for fans of drag and the show. Many of the show’s devotees, however, are young girls, and where they go, a throng of dads, uncles and family friends aren’t far behind. But don’t think that the guys supporting the young superfans in their life are just chauffeurs — they’re fully committed.

Your Sleep Schedule Might be Killing You

Bad news, night-shifters: A new study has shown that, if your sleep schedule varies widely between your workdays and your weekends, you might wind up with serious health issues, including higher body fat, cholesterol and insulin resistance. Oh, and if you’re in a relationship, that might be fucked, too.

Pet O’ Gold

Can you make money pimping your pet on Instagram? Dog influencer owners, a marketing agent, a talent agent and more say yeah, pretty much.


Pull Up a Stool

The Bristol Stool Scale is a scale for your stool. That is, the scale is a way to discern the hardness or softness of your shits, and what that consistency may mean for your general health. It’s also accidentally hilarious. Just look at it:

Despite its hilariousness, however, the Bristol Scale is actually a useful tool for doctors. But is it something people ever really break out IRL?

Evil Exes

Like giving an all-you-can-eat sushi joint a second try after it blew up your guts the last time, going back to an evil ex can be a whopper of a bad idea. Yet when it’s a friend who’s rushing back to get their heart broken (again), it can be almost harder to stomach. With the help of psychologists, communication experts and etiquette legends, Isabelle Kohn helps you, the clear-thinking friend, navigate this thorny situation.

Sick Voice, Brah

Where does the surfer brah voice come from? I’ll give you a hint: Jeff Spicoli didn’t invent the beach bum patois, and California can’t claim ownership, either.