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Sunday Reads: The Week in Cowboys, Breastfeeding Baby Yoda and Too-Smooth De Niro

It’s disappointing to me that, somehow, we went the entirety of Cowboy Week without a single reference to the original country-rap banger, Kid Rock’s “Cowboy.” So, naturally, it falls upon me as MEL’s resident trash person to remind you all that while Kid Rock (Kid? Mr. Rock?) may be in the running for worst guy ever (especially after talking all that shit about Oprah recently), “Cowboy” remains a cultural touchstone. It would be foolish, then, not to acknowledge it as a contribution to our contemporary cowboy discourse. 

And with that, please rise for the strip-club national anthem:

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Quote of the Week

Mr. Peanut isn’t just an anthropomorphized legume with a top hat and monocle. He’s also a totally gay, slave-trading cannibal aristocrat, selling his fellow legumes to a gruesome death by mastication. Please don’t @ us — we have the receipts.

But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…