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The Bloodless Robot Uprising, Bacteria-Killing Beards and Why Amazon Thinks Your Dad Is Lame AF

Counterpoint to this Miles Klee piece on Amazon’s apparent hatred for father’s everywhere, based off of their “lame” gift guide for dads: What are you supposed to get him? Please, someone answer that question for me.

This year, my dad wants an Instant Pot. (Side note: Has a kitchen gadget ever had better marketing?) You might say, “Now there’s a nice gift.” To which I’ll reply, “He will never, ever in a million years, use an Instant Pot.” So I’m back to square one, because I want to get him something he’ll actually, you know, use and appreciate.

Ah, screw it, he’s getting a “World’s Best Dad” mug.

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Amazon Hates Your Dad

Dads are boring, poorly-dressed dorks whose only remaining interests are grilling, beer and DIY projects. At least, that’s how Amazon’s gift guides make it seem.

These are actual examples from the “gifts for dad” section of Amazon

Judging by that, yes, Amazon hates your dad. But frankly, someone is buying this dreck. And that makes us just as complicit.

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A Man Among Sponges

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