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Sunday Reads: Defeating Papa John, Quarantine Binge Material and Isolation Etiquette

Wow, with all this time on my hands from being quarantined, there are so many different hobbies I could pursue. I could knit some baby blankets. I could learn to do the splits. I could read some freakin’ books. I could develop a regular exercise habit. But instead, I’m gonna keep looking at screens! Allow me to help you pursue your screen addiction, too, with this big ol’ batch of links. 

Must Read

Fuck You, Papa John, I Actually Ate 40 Pizzas in 30 Days

Other Long Reads You Have Plenty of Time For

Grandparents Are Raising the Orphans of the Opioid Crisis

When You’re Stupid in Love But the Sex Is Blah

Alone and Tripping Balls at the End of the World

Perfect Quarantine Binges

Playing Through ‘Portal’ and ‘Portal 2’ Back to Back Is the Perfect Quarantine Binge

All 275 Episodes of ‘Cheers’ Are the Perfect Quarantine Binge

The Underrated Masterpiece ‘Joe Dirt’ Is the Perfect Quarantine Binge

Chaotic Podcast ‘Seek Treatment’ Is the Perfect Quarantine Binge

40 Seasons of ‘Survivor’ Are the Perfect Quarantine Binge

Horny AF

Under Coronavirus, Public Sex Has Become a Dangerous Act of Resistance

It’s the End of ‘NSFW’ as We Know It

On Reddit’s QuarantineGoneWild, Not Even a Virus Can Stop the Thirst

A Few Things Completely Unrelated to Coronavirus

The Men Who Crave ‘Day-Old’ Pussy

Is Stoned Sleep Real Sleep?

Aquarium Dudes Want You to Know That Fish Make Great Pets, Too

But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…